One more sleep. .......

Until I drive to the hospital for treatment for (hopefully ) the last time.
I’ve had 17th February circled on my calendar for an age and now that day is nearly here (I’m staying overnight ).
I am so excited, you’d think I am going on my holidays.
Please please please please please let this treatment have worked so I can get back to my life instead of playing candy crush all day.
Sorry, it’s not a very interesting thread. I just needed to get it out of my system.
No doubt I will be posting tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement I have had since joining this group in December.
X x x x x x

Fingers, arms, legs and everything else crossed for you Philleep....good luck and as always, keep us updated x


Hi Philleepa Best wishes for tomorrow you will certainly deserve a Holiday to somewhere nicer than the hospital when this is all over lol I know what you mean about excitment thats how I feel about starting my treatment because it means the end is in sight. I dont think i would be feeling this way if it hadnt been for you and other ladies sharing your stories thank you so much.

I will be having a CT scan for my kidneys on Friday ready for starting my Treatment I have had lots of CT scans Pet scan and MRI's to last me a life time and i believe lots more to come lol Oh and i will be having my first XRay to have the Picc fitted I am having one because i have poor veins the joys. Well enough of my rambling i will be thinking about you tomorrow and cheering you on lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Philleepa,

I have been following all your posts over the past weeks and am soooooo full of admiration for your determination and positivity over that time. I think many people will be celebrating the end of your treatment with you. Good luck with the last treatment, and then have the best time with family and friends. Thanks for all you have contributed to the site xxx

Well done your nearly done :) xxx

Yes definitely lots more scans but hopefully they will bring good news. 

I had the kidney function tests just before my treatment.  If yours is the same as mine you need to drink loads. They do a blood test then inject you with something,  you wait a few hours (I can't remember how many) have another blood test, then wait some more then have another blood test. 

It's a lot of waiting and it's best if you drink lots of water x 



Thanks all x 

My little man has just been crying cos he's going to miss me. It's horrible.  I just want the morning to come quickly. Alarm set for 6.20am and my bag is packed. 

I'm just waiting for a little while and then I'll have a loperimide to ensure I won't need a bowel movement tomorrow.  I've had a low fibre diet for the last couple of days and I've felt the difference today. I'm hoping this won't lead to constipation this week! Well, if it does I'll just have to cope. I have a box and a half of fybogel lol.

I've also not drank too much today cos the feeling of pressure on my bladder last week wasn't nice.  Hope I'm doing the right thing. Aaargh x 

Hi Philleepa,

All the best with your last treatment tomorrow.

Mel xx

Hi Philleepa

The best of luck with your last treatment. I hope everything goes to plan and you have your life back & feel in control. 

Lots of luck & love xxx

Oh Philleepa how marvellous to have reached the end :-) And of course we all share your hope that this has worked 100% and you can go back to your real life. I was diagnosed on 31st Oct 2011 and my final brachy was on 9th March 2012 - dates that are ingrained on my memory. My journey to and from hospital takes me past Mount Olympus and on the final Friday journey home I prayed to the gods who live there. So far my prayers have been answered. Only two more trips to make, in April and October and then I'm five years clear. I shall be thinking of you and the Olympian gods today and tomorrow :-)

Be lucky :-)

I'll bet you will be glad when October comes tivoli. Will you stop having check ups then?

I asked and my radio-oncologist has suggested perhaps once every two years. I'll see, I may just opt for vault smears and blood tests both of which I can have done without long journeys.

That sounds great tivoli x 

All the very best Philleepa, praying everything has gone well for you. We can beat this!!!