One Lletz, one cone biopsy, a year later (one nasty Dr) and still no all clear :(


Really need to get this off my chest.  

Yesterday I had my latest 6 monthly tests post cone biopsy.  As a side note the area around my hospital currently has huge road closures and crazy bus diversions, so I was 10 mins late (first time in over 20 appointments).  I was given a terse lecture from a grumpy doctor (not my usual one) that I should have called to inform them.  I did - 4 times and no answer! (Kind nurse said she would sort this out with the absent receptionist)

She then proceeded to do the smear (2 brushes - upper and lower).  And it really hurt this time…lots of strong cramps and stabbing pains.  I really got the sense I was being punished for being 10 mins late, that she was intentionally rough.  Then she did the colposcopy with the solutions, more vigorous and painful than normal.  I’ve been getting bleeding and that area looked abnormal, so she took a biopsy.  Basically stabbed me with the implement (I think by “accident”).  My whole body jumped off the bed.  Again it has never hurt that much in the past.  Finally took the actual biopsy and I was done.  The nurse (not the Dr) kept apologising and came over to hold my arm to try and sooth me.  Kindness makes me want to burst into tears in these situations.

I made a point of saying it has never been this painful before...ever.... and the doctor half-heartedly apologised while smirking at me.

My last results were borderline so it’s pretty depressing to think the abnormality is lingering/recurring/getting worse…when all I am hoping for is an all clear.  Not helped by a complete lack of care and attention.  I think I'll ask that I'm not seen by that Dr again.  Normally I have had nothing but kind and supportive medical staff.  There’s always one to ruin though I guess. :(


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I didnt just want to read and run, I had a rubbish experience at my doctors for the first follow up smear for mild changes and then once I got to the biopsy stage, my hospital appointment was even worse. The woman hardly spoke to me, didnt answer my questions and I found the whole experience quite upsetting. Its bad enough we have to deal with it, a little compassion along the way would be nice!!

I really hope you have a clear result. As you can see my follow up from LLETZ for CIN3 was mild changes and have my follow up in September. Am also bricking it!

If you are unhappy with your care you should complain 

Will have my fingers firmly crossed for you 


That sucks, Michelle - I know anyone can have a bad day, but it does make me wonder why some people choose to go into gynaecological disciplines if they can't muster a little empathy.  Hope getting it off your chest has helped, you can always come and rant to us.

Good luck with your results - hopefully you'll never have to see her again. x

thanks ladies!  your kind words mean alot :)

you are totally right, i'm really not sure why doctors go into the job when they cannot control their bad moods without taking them out on a patient. 

I was particularly angry it was a female Dr, who would know exactly how painful her rough treatment would have been to me.  Some people are caring and some treat you like a piece of meat. 

on the positive side I've been to that department many many times and she is the first Dr to be unkind and rough.  perhaps Karma will reward her with some nastiness, just when she needs some support in her life.