Oncologist prd menopause

Hiya been going to my appointments  every three months and oncologist had said my symptoms  were down to the menopause so was referd  to the menopause  clinic done that they advised 2 patches no difference didn't help so been this morning  still wants me to have one patch but discharged  me back to my go and said it definitely  down to the radiotherapy  treatment and chemo  I've got the  oncologist  on Monday so I'm hoping she's going to agree and see what they can do for me I'm sore i walk like a old lady my hips and legs are sore I can't work any more  my life has changed so much I just want my old life back working ect Leanne 

I finished my treatment in June and started with awful hip and lower back pain. My gp has taken bloods and is going to refer me to orthopaedicS. What symptoms have you been getting ?


I am the same Leanne, one of my hips is knackered. It's really painful in ma bed, but walking around isn't too bad. My oncologist was supposed to refer me for a bone density test and an X-ray back in April, think he has forgot all aboot me lol. Will need to mind him next month. i am starting to get tingles down the side of the leg affected too, which is quite amazing cos after back surgery I lost sensation on the outside of that leg from the knee down. 

do you ladies feel a bit ungrateful when you complain about treatment related pains? I do all the time. X


i try not to complain at home or to friends too much as I don't want to be known as the complainer. I'm always trying new things to help as though I'm looking for some miracle solution to my niggles but deep down I know there is nothing specific that will suddenly make it all better. 

I try to stay positive and distracted and not think about the issues but somedays it does drag me down. My GP has been excellent in helping me with things and I'm concistant with exercising and stretching. If there is anything that has helped me the most it is a combination of keeping my routine so I don't throw my body off and taking my meds on time and not forgetting a pill. 

one week I feel so great and things are moving in the right direction and the next week not so much. 

I believe that a few things have helped me such as sound therapy, vitamins, exercise and a good outlook. 

My only suggestion to all of you is try not to be the old you but find the new you that you can live with. 

Much love to you guys as you are all my rock when I need support. 

Hi Leanne 

I hear you. My right hip and lower back is terrible too. My oncologist says it's radiation damage. I am 30 and feel like 70 somedays. I also do some stretches which helps a bit. 

I hear you Brucegirl... I feel like I shouldn't complain considering that treatment has worked etc  But I find it easier to complain to you girls. I don't really tell my family or friends any of my issues.

Leanne sending big hugs to you. I know it's a struggle. 

I'm glad we are all here for each other. 


Rosie xx

Hi Rosie

it's horrible when you feel bad for complaining eh? I always say to myself that I am grateful to be here so stop moaning lol. I do tell my husband but feel he gets fed up with me complaing even tho he says he doesn't. I have the added bonus of him almost finishing his medical degree so he knows stuff and can calm me down. It is good that we can have a good moan to each other tho, thank good for this place.

tracey x

Thank you everyone I don't like to moan to my family as I don't want to upset them and I just keep going  xxx thanks for letting me moan on here were all here for each other xxx