On way for my radacle hystermectomy

Well to say I’m scared is a understatment :frowning: just drunk my pre op drinks and waiting to be picked up to travel there which is 25 miles away.
Somebody I know yesterday was trying to tell me just to be brave as her mum never had the surgery as she was to scared so died a few years later. Iv got a son so I have to do it for him but iv never had an op before and so scared I’m gonna die in there and not wake up. Well if I do wake up I will post later to tell you how things went.
And good luck to all those waiting for theirs :slight_smile: xx

 Good Luck. you are only feeling all the normal anxieties. I was so sure I wouldn't wake up I wrote letters to my children just in case! A few hours time and it will all be over and you'll be on the road to recovery. 

Love n hugs



Wishing you all the best sweetheart.

You will wake up, you won't feel great but it will get better quickly.



Good luck jo....

Thinking of you x

Hoping all goes well for you today

And wishing you a speedy recovery. 


Hope it all went really well today, by now it is all over and you can focus on the recovery.

take care xx