on the other side

Hi everyone

Had my radical hysterectomy on thurs, went down at 10am thurs morning and back on the ward by 5.30pm had a bad time coming out of the anasthetic.  Since then I have been fine, bit of pain but not bad, more struggling with having a poo (sorry) havent managed since thurs.  Am sat at home with my catheter bag drinking a brew feeling as well as I can at the moment.

Strange feeling but great to be on the other side xxx


yeah Emma!!! congrats it does feel good doesn't it.

i'm in a similiar situation re: bowels but am trying to eat fruit, veg, drink water but don't think it will be possible till this bag is out of me!



Welcome back Emma! Take it easy and make everyone wait on you! :wink:
With regards to the toilet thing… I didn’t go for a week after surgery … No one (doctors and nurses) seemed too bothered! My advice… It will happen so don’t force it! Haha

You can concentrate on getting better now :slight_smile:

Take care xx

I feel okay, not liking injecting myself but a small price to pay.  Just been through my medication bag from the hospital and have come across a copy of my discharge papers, on reading them I feel a little alarmed that my cancer has seemed to have gone up a stage from 1B to 2A1 should I be worried about this?  Feel a little disappointed that no one told me  :(  

I did exacty the same! I read my discharge papers ... And that was by the only time I found out what stage I was! ... My consultant never even mentioned it to me. 

Don't worry.... they've done what they needed too. Maybe discuss it with him when you next see him?

I hated the injections... Counted down the days until I had to stop them! And I've only got 3 days left of my socks... I'm so excited!

onwards and upwards! xx

Hi Emma, glad you're home now and on the mend.

What injections are you having? I am having LAVH tomorrow, and was aware of the poo problems - stocked up on prune juice and ex-lax! but haven't heard about injections?

Helen xx

Hi Helen


I am injecting Clexain anti clotting injections have to do one a day for 28 days.  Catheter bag has been removed today and I am weeing normally again, hopefully the poo problem will sort itself out soon.

Every little step is a step towards all clear :)

Love Emma x


Hi gals - be careful about what you take if you are constipated. I had very severe problems with constipation after the surgery (compounded by the codeine/morphine I had taken in hospital) and it was awful so I know how desperate you can get.

I would say don't take Ex-lax unless you have the green light from your medical team. My understanding is that different laxatives work in different ways and some are better suited to post op use for us than others. I tried all sorts of things (including being given a very painful and unsuccessful chemical enema by a doctor) before finally calling my CNS in tears and of course, she immediately knew exactly what I needed to ask my GP for.

What worked was a prescription laxative (Laxido/Movicol) plus an over counter stool softener (Dulcoease) to shift the immediate problem and I took the stool softener for quite a long time afterwards to keep things moving.  When I finally had a proper bowel movement, I really did dance around the bathroom singing 'ding dong the witch is dead'.

I still have occasional constipation issues now, and have to be really vigilant about what I eat and drink if I don't want to get caught out. The last thing we need is anal fissures or piles on top of all this!

Apologies if this is TMI, but I reckon if it happened to me, it can happen to others and it's good to share. ;)

Hey Emma,

Well done on making it through!

I’d echo Rosehip and say be careful about laxatives. Some are ‘pushers’ and some are softeners. I was given Lactulose in hospital and carried on taking it, which worked well. You can buy it over the counter in Boots. For breakfast I got a recipe off the Hyster Sisters site which is porridge with prunes, apples and a sprinkle of all bran. Eating this every day helped too, with lots of water!

Hope you’re getting along ok :slight_smile: