On the other side-ouch!

Hello to all,

firstly a huge thank you to everyone for their messages- I really appreciate you taking the time out to message to find out how I am, was very kind of you and made me smile when in hospital past few days.

it has taken me a few days to come on here as just have not been able to focus, so so tired. 

Had the op on Tuesday at 10am after a mix up of when I was actually going down-was spouse to be last then it turns out I should have been ready for 8am. I cannot fault the staff, everyone was so good and supportive. Whilst waiting to go in, the team around me administering the drugs and waiting to push me through the doors to theatre were lovely and entertaining!!

the op lasted 3 1/2 hours and then I was in recovery for an hour before being wheeled back, drugged to high heaven! I had had morphone in the spine so was a slurring mess lol!!! The doc wanted me out the next day (yes, really- I had onLy been out of theatre a few hours when he said this) but the next day I had a funny turn and ended up passing out when getting out of bed so was put back to bed for the rest of the day with 2 more bags of IV solution as they couldn't get to blood pressure to go above 63/52... Very light headed and sickly feeling.

so Friday I got myself all ready and just had to wait to be discharged, which was 2pm. Then a 2 hour drive home with a huge bag do medicines!! Not the comfiest journey but good to be home.

this morning I went to local hospital for catheda to be taken out (I actually became attached to it, no need to go to the loo! Great stuff!!) thinking I was gonna be there an hour but it was 4hrs as had to have 3 bigs wees with scans in between to show if I was emptying my bladder... I hadn't got my medication and got very sicky feeling and sad as fed up. But eventually got sent home and i do keep weeing although I do now feel like I have had a real good kicking in the pelvic area... Very uncomfortable although cannot say bad pain.

so here I am, waiting to go back on Tuesday to get results. So hope don't need any more treatment, dr did say lymph nodes didn't show any obvious signs of tumour so fingers crossed. But what will be will be. I'm pleased the op is over. I could bore you with all the little details but will leave for anyone to ask anything more they want to know.

waffle waffle. Thank u again to all

dons x

ps the green socks are something else... As are the little daily injections-ouch!



Yay glad to hear you are on the other side! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

Glad to see your back Dons, must be good to be back at home. Wishing you a speedy recovery n good luck with your results tuesday. xxxx

Well done Dons!! Yay I'm so glad it all went well for you. Hope you are being spoilt while you recover :) Good luck for results on Tuesday, will keep everything crossed for no more treatment for you :)

Hope you feel better soon lovely.




Hi Dons, so so pleased to hear you are back home now, have been wondering every day how you were getting on.  Just a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking (no rush) - what type of scans did you have after weeing and what are the daily injections - are they something you have to do yourself?

I'm keeping everything crossed for good results for you on Tuesday, really hope you don't have to have any further treatment.

I'm still waiting for my date - it should have been this coming week but they needed to book additional theatre space.  Hoping I hear soon!

Take special care of yourself and keep us posted of how you are getting on when you feel up to it.

Love & hugs


Thank u everyone!!! So good to be out the other side and smiling. Few tweaks and pains plus a bit numb in the "lower front"(!)area today since yesterday's prodding when catheter was taken out.

cheryl- i do hope u finally hear something this week, fingers crossed x the injections are small anti clotting injections have to give myself each evening for 4 weeks, well hubbie gives them! The scans were very simple things where they measured how much liquid was in bladder, just a small hand held black scanner thing, size of a fist, rolled across bladder area to make sure I was emptying my bladder when went for wee. Took a few seconds for the actual catheter to come out but the having 3 good wees was harder... They had to measure how much I passed and how much was left inside me. Think that's why I'm a bit numb today as had to keep pressing on with that.

may be too much info for some, but the poo fairy has been today which has made me feel much much better physically and mentally!! I shall continue with the lactolose. Good to know is all working down there!!

something else I didn't know about was all the drugs I would be bringing home with me! A carrier bag full. The injections, lactolose and 5 others for pain control and one gastro protective tablet. Need to take most for 2wks and some for 4 wks, so prepare to rattle!!!

and do remember to take some lactolose before you have op. None of drs told me too and I wasn't given any but glad I did for own peace of mind whilst laying in bed after op.

don x

Many thanks for all the info Dons, I like to be mentally prepared even if some of it doesn't sound great.  I will get hubbie to do the injections too, luckily I'm not scared by needles but he did just say to me 'you will look the other way won't you' - probably nervous that my look would put him off!!!

My consultant did say that I will have to take some picolax the day before to clear me out which I think they are going to give me at the pre-op.

That's good news that you have 'been' today; guess it must be a real relief that you are going to the loo ok.

Wow, that does sound a load of drugs - I already have to take blood pressure & statins so that's more added to the list!

Relieved it's just a small hand held scanner for the wee thing!  And I hope I manage to wee ok too!!!

So pleased you have come through this well so far,really hope it continues to improve day by day.

Will keep you posted about my date, just want to get it over and done with now.

Love & hugs


Glad to hear you are through the op it does not sounds a barrel of laughs but it's done now eh and that's the main thing.  

Surprising they wanted to kick you out so soon after the op, I always thought it was a 5 day stay for hysterectomybut that may have been 

In the old days !   Hope you are feeling better hun



As I said, they did actually want to send me home the next day after op, believe it or not. After I was back on ward from recovery, dr came to see me and said they'd get me home tomorrow!!! My blood pressure was very low then I had a funny fainting episode so I actually stayed in longer than the 2 nights I was originally told. Suppouse home is the best place to recover-they send you home with enough drugs to cope lol! They are so very busy too I felt more relaxed at home, they're on the end of phone if needed. We shall see how it goes... So sore and swollen now.