On the home stretch!! Brachy advice please

Hey lovelies, 

So I’m done with chemo and have 6 more radio to go!!! Then I am having a mini celebration before brachy hehe :) Apart from still having fidgety legs, never good when you need to be completely still they have to sandbag me down on the table lol I think I’m mentally in a much better place after the darkness of week 3. 

So really I’m hoping that some of you lovely ladies may be able to advise me on the joy that is LDR brachy. I have searched and read every forum post I could find, and a couple of fantastic blogs but I’m a bit worried about the pooing factor sorry if tmi. My brachy will be a three night stay and I’m just concerned with the best will in the world I’ll never last!! Do they give you drugs to stop you or something? 

I‘m concerned about being flat on my back for so long as I can maybe last 20 minutes without  being in discomfort from my hip but I’m sure they drugs will help. 

Any hints or tips would be amazing, much love to you all for helping me get this far with all your fabulous support and advice. 

Much love Emma xxx 

You got this !!! Yay I’m so glad to see your almost done with your treatment. I hope it wasn’t too bad , I started getting really bad stomach issues towards the end. The morning of my brachytherapy they had me do a enema , they also kept me on Imodium around the clock. I too was so scared about that but luckily that worked for me and nothing happened. I would get a lil gasy sometimes and swear that I accidentally went lol, but they would check me and say I was all clear. If your stomach is still bugging you after brachytherapy try some probiotic yogurt, that has really helped me . My stomach still isn’t back to being completely normal one month after treatment, but it’s gotten a lot better.

Ahh Emmz you are nearly there which is amazing. I can’t offer advice about brachytherapy but I do know the Drs and nurses have it all covered in hospital so I am sure they can help with all of that. When I was in I learnt to ask them about anything bothering me as they have seen it all before so can help. Just know you are on the homeward stretch and are so nearly done. 

How amazing are you! Xxx

Thank you lovelies xxx I’m currently waiting in the hospital for a bed I’ve only been here 6 hours so it’s not too bad hahahahaha tbh I’m more worried I’ve missed my last meal before tomorrow.

i can’t say I’m looking forward to 3 days flat on my back I’m really not a back person and I’m panicking about rolling over in my sleep lol I’m sure it’s all gonna be fine or at least I hope it is as I’m getting out on Thursday seeing my consultant on Friday and flying to japan on Friday night for 5 weeks so I don’t have a lot of room to Manoeuvre here lmao 

Treatment is done as of Thursday and no consultant meeting or talk about dilators is gonna change my outcome so I’m gonna live my best life and hope for many many more years to make memories. 

I hope you are all doing great and relaxing as best you can. If I go off the grid for a while it’s because I’m stuffing my face with sushi and saki much love to you all xxx

im sorry i have no advice but wanted to say good luck!! i hope the next three days fly by for you xxx

Good luck Emma, hope it goes quickly for you. 

Enjoy Japan, have a fabulous time xxx

Thanks lovelies xxx you are the best!!! 

You r got this Emmz! You are such a positive, caring person who has attacked this from day 1. You are 3 days from the end and I know you can do it. Lots of time to mull over the Sushi and amazing trip you will have making memories. Go girl and I wish you all the best lovely xxxxxx

You r got this Emmz! You are such a positive, caring person who has attacked this from day 1. You are 3 days from the end and I know you can do it. Lots of time to mull over the Sushi and amazing trip you will have making memories. Go girl and I wish you all the best lovely xxxxxx

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your amazingly kind words as always give me such a boost, you’re just an absolute ray of sunshine noodles. 

I hope you are doing wonderfully well, and enjoying life. Much love to you xxx 

Hope everything is going well, Japan sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your trip and I wish you health and happiness on your new journey.your so kind and your replies truly helped.  Thank you!

Hey lovely,

thank you so much! You always bring a smile to my face. I’m a little bit excited about japan, if I didn’t have a catheter in I might pee myself hehe :) 

How’s it going for you? I hope you’re feeling much better. I am lying here in brachy thinking it’s gonna be strange and scary to be let go and that’s it. I have found this a very tough mental challenge. 

Thanks for the tip with the probiotic btw it’s worked wonders on the indigestion I suddenly developed. 

You have always been so amazing on this site you have no idea how much you’ve helped me and it will always mean the world to me. 

Here is to much health and happiness for us all. Love Emma xxx 

Hi Emmz

Glaf you’re doing well! 1 more day to go and then Japan. Your doing it xxx

13 hours and counting till my last brachy and I can sit up!!!  tongue-out Whoop whoop!!! I may even have a beer to celebrate!! Such a rock n roll life I lead lol xxxx 

You are a rockstar!!! 

Aww thank you so much, I just love the amazing sense of support everyone here gives, it means a great deal to me.  

Much love to you xxx 

Sit up and get that beer open!! You deserve it so much and are done!!! Wow! Well done you. You definitely kicked butt! Now go and enjoy Japan knowing how kind, courageous and strong you are 

much love and huge hugs xxxxx