On a positive note

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to post on here for anyone going through the whole smear, lletz ect process. I had my lletz 3 weeks ago for cin3 and had my letter today to say all abnormalities removed (hooray) I have to go back for my test for cure in 6 months time. I just hoped this would reassure some ladies and I know it’s not the result everyone will get. But these past few months have been such a emotional roller coaster and I know I’m no way clear yet as I have to go back in 6 months but I am so happy to receive this news and just wanted people to know that even if it looks bad it can be ok sometimes, the abnormalities on my cervix could be seen even without the solution on and I was so convinced then it would be bad news. I don’t want to upset anyone who doesn’t recive the news they want, but I just wanted to let people know as so many of you wonderful ladies have helped me through such a difficult time. X

I'm so Happy you've had good news.  It must be a huge relief For you and your family.  

It is Thankyou, hopefully everyone else gets good news to. X

Thato great news. I'm petrified but your news gives me comfort. Xxxx

Thats great news. Im so happy for you. 

I had LLETZ treatment yesterday to remove cin2 i hope i get the same outcome. 

I'm relieved and hopeful every time I see a story like this, thank you for posting! I go in for a cone biopsy on the 10th of November, and am pretty scared. They're doing it in an effort to completely diagnose whatever is going on with me, but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they end up removing it all at the same time. The 10th feels like such a long time from now, and it's  a real struggle to stay sane while waiting. I'm glad you got through the worst of it ok!!

It is so difficult waiting iv found that the hardest part, i hav worried so much when I had my colp as soon as my cervix was on the screen before any liquid there was a big Nast white blood patch and my dr said you wI'll need treatment so I was a mess. When he put the acid wash on it was just awful but I guess they know what there doing. Good luck ladies and hope tje news is good. Spin dizzy iv heard cones are really effective at removing abnormalitie. X

Hi Ellie,

I am a bit behind on the posts as I have not been on here much recently but I was happy to see the subject of your post. Great news! So happy for you and glad you got good news :-) I bet you will be so happy and feel more relaxed. 

Thanks for sharing your news.



Thankyou Ellem I am so happy with the results, I got my letter 3 weeks after my lletz and the dr said its 4-6 weeks for results or if it's further treatment or problems we will be in touch sooner, so I was so scared when I saw the letter and had a little cry, but was over the moon when I read it :-) x