On 2 week pathway for 'odd' looking cervix

I had low grade cell changes and successful LLETZ treatment over 15 years ago. All of my recent smears have been negative for HPV including the last one in Feb 2022.

Went to the GP for an internal exam due to an endometrial polyp that was found on a scan and has grown, she was going to refer me to gynae for a hysteroscopy. While looking she told me my cervix looked ‘odd’- nodular, inflamed, and with a hard nodule to the right. She said it bled on contact and didn’t look like ectropion. I have had some irregular bleeding and bleeding after sex.

She’s referred me on the 2 week pathway for an investigation at the hospital - I’m guessing a look and maybe a biopsy?

Just wondering what it could be, if it’s likely to be anything serious as I didn’t have HPV at my last screening, and if it could be related to the polyp (which needs testing and taking out in case it’s cancerous). How likely is HPV to come back after you’ve cleared it? Has anyone ever had anything like this before?

Thanks for reading and for any replies x

Hi, I’ve just gone through something very similar! I had lletz treatment 20 years ago for cin1/2 and every smear since has been normal, 2021 HPV clear. I had an internal examination in January and was told my cervix looked “weird” and was put on 2ww. I was told I had ectropion and cysts and that the weird area may have just been scarring from the lletz but they weren’t sure so wanted to refer me. I then had 3 biopsies taken at colposcopy and lost my mind for the 5 weeks it took to get my results. All came back absolutely fine !

Wishing you well, my advice would be don’t think too much into it or let it consume you. It’s not nice and the wait is difficult but the likelihood is all will be well x

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