Older woman - abnormal smear 6 months after LLETZ

Hello, my first post on here. Very grateful for the fantastic support on this forum. I'm 49 and in perimenopause but very close to menopause (had blood tests). Had diagnostic LLETZ early Feb as smear showed high grade dyskaryosis; biopsy showed just CIN1, all removed. Had severe bleeding for weeks which became too heavy so ended up back at hospital for antibiotics and cauterisation. My 6 month smear has just shown high grade dyskaryosis again, colposcopy Mon. Has anyone else my sort of age had more than one LLETZ treatment or are they more likely to carry out a different treatment, especially after infection last time? Thanks in advance for any replies. Have very busy lifestyle, dependent elderly relatives, dogs, teens and self employed so resting is difficult. 



Hiya love 


I'm 33, I've had an abnormal smear 6 month post lletz, I go back for colposcopy on 14th..... Just wanted to say I Hope everything turns out well for you on Monday xx 

Thank you Claire555. Hope you get on ok on 14th. Keep me posted x

Hi Sue85,


just wondering how you went with your results?

I've just had my 6 month follow-up Pap smear today and she noticed abnormal cells had returned. She did a colposcopy on the spot so now the long wait for the results. 

I hope all is well



Hi Sue,

I am 38, due for my second LLETZ next month after getting high grade on my 6 month test of cure. I have had biopsies to confirm. Bricking it a bit as just started random bleeding too, really really hoping it is nothing sinister. Hope you got on ok