Old smear results what does it mean

I had a test in 2014/15 and had some cervical cells removed which turned out to be CIN2 with clear margins. My other smears have shown up clear (x2).

However, I have just been reading into this more after a friend told me about HPV and I have looked back over my results and it does say I had HPV 16 detected and HPV other detected. The doctor did not make me aware of this, she was very cold and not friendly at all and I was quite traumatised by the whole experiece of thinkin gI would have cancer.

Does HPV 16 mean I will get cancer at some point as it is a high risk type, also what does HPV other mean as it doesnt say what it is it just just HR HPV OTHER detected. HPV 18 was not detected.

I would like to add my last smears I did not have a HPV test as this was an extra cost, therefore does this mean I may have cancer that has gone undetected??

I am really really confused by all of this as I had no idea about this until recently. I also understand that some types can cause warts but not HPV 16 is this correct?

If anyone has a similar experience I would appreciate some input.


pleas ehelp


I really think this is something to consult your GP about. it doesn't mean you will get cancer just that you have had the type of strain that, if the HPV lingered, could cause cervical cell changes which could lead to cancer. But it certainly doesn't mean you definitely wil And so long as you go to your smear tests when you're invited and keep it reg any cell changes detected can be taken away before they have the chance to turn into something sinister (which actually takes a number of years)