"Old blood discharge"

cin 3 in jan 22 with lletz procedure. Just had my 6 month smear although 2 months late.
The whole process this year traumatised me a little starting with the door popping open mid smear in jan. To having 2 nurses casually chatting about what happens during my proceudre while i sat opposite the open door to feeling like a study case and having extra people stare at my cervix without being asked permission or them even acknowledging me.

Anyway smear today. I slammed the door shut as i came in. She seemed to have some issues finding my cervix or getting the right angle. But i have access to my online health record and the nurse has written " old blood discharge"

Ive had no bloody/brown discharge at all. What does she mean. Has it been up there since my last period. Does she mean i bled from the actual smear.

Ps. Also annoys me when they document things like. Chaperone offered. No it wasnt. Contraception leaflet given. No, again it wasnt.