Okay to go to work a couple of hours after?

Hi there I have my colposcopy tomorrow, I have high grade pre-cancerous cells -  at 11am, however I have a shift at work at 2-10pm... I have warned my manager about it but unsure whether I will be fit to work or best letting them get cover?

Hi. I had my colposcopy jan this year and felt fine after no pains or bleeding etc I went for a walk around York shopping, I told the dr this was my plan and he agreed i deserved it lol! I went in to my colposcopy alone as we had no one to look after my little boy so my partner had to take him for a walk around, The treatment was fine and was only a little uncomfortable for a short time, it was done and I was leaving before i knew it :) . However I would probably see if they could find cover because everyone is different and you will probably just want to rest afterwards!!

Good luck for tomorrow!!! xx

Hey hun

I had my Colposcopy on 21st November 2014. I was perfectly fine.  

After the examination they had decided to do a biopsy at the same time and that was very uncomfortable.

Please be aware of the siruatuon if changes -you possibly will need to take the rest of the day off.

Hope all goes well for you.

Luv n Hugs....x

Hi, would you be able to ring in at the last minute? You should be fine, but just in case?

Molly xx

Is this for your biopsies or your LLETZ?

If it's your LLETZ then I'd really recommend not going into work that day as you can feel sore and washed out.

Lucy x

If they plan on taking biopsies, you may want to just let your boss know you'll decide on the day.

I had four punch biopsies taken and afterwards I bled more than I ever did from the LLETZ, I bled very heavily for a few days and also afterwards I was very shaken up and felt utterly violated. I really wouldn't have been fit to go to work emotionally besides physically - and I'm not easily flustered by these things.

It's easy to feel guilty or want to put your job first, or even just keep busy, but honestly this is one time in life you can be excused for putting your own wellbeing first! x