Ok, so your GP refers you to the hospital, what happens at that first appointment?

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Smear test five months ago - all was pink and healthy - then a few weeks ago, weird symptoms prompted me to visit the GP.... and I find out there is a white patch on my cervix.  GP treated me for thrush... white patch didn't clear, so now I've been put on an "Urgent two week wait" for a gynaecological referral.


I wasn't really THAT worried up to that point, yes cancer was fleetingly mentioned by the GP, but it was just as quickly dismissed as "most likely nothing, but just best to get it checked out"... but then when I handed in the two-week-wait form at reception, the usually surly receptionist who doesn't normally do more than grunt and seldom makes eye contact suddenly underwent a complete transformation!  It was all "oh please take a seat Madam and I'll process this for you right now".  Then because Choose & Book was down  - profuse apologies over that, and this from a receptionist who when I had my migraine drugs stolen in a mugging had the cheek to lecture me on taking better care of NHS drugs! - and a promise that someone would telephone with details of my appointment.  Sure enough, with the hour, someone did.  I have existing health conditions and I can't even get them to reply to emails so this level of customer service is unheard of.... now I am worried :-)


So, what's likely to happen at this first hospital appointment?  Will it just be more smears, taking blood etc or do they dive straight in and do the colposcopy ?







Hi whatever

I would think they will 'dive right in' (lol) and do a colposcopy, and perhaps take a couple of punch biopsies. Not the most fun, but alright considering (and I'm a wimp!) 

i would be very surprised if anything very serious had developed in that time, cervical cancer is very slow growing.

Molly xx

thanks very much Mollz

You will be given a colposcopy. You are obviously thinking the worst and this waiting time is horrible.
What symptoms have you had?
A week or so after my diagnosis my best friend bled after sex, doc saw inflamed cervix, she was referred to hospital on a 2ww and ended up having severe thrush which needed 6 months treatment.
What I’m trying to say is … Yes It could be cancer but it may well not be.

Trust your instinct.

Thanks for the reply.  My symptoms are:

In my early fifties, so I know the menopause is approaching, and my periods have been pretty erratic/non-existent for the whole of his year.  About four weeks ago I was absolutely convinced I was about to start my period (quick to anger, sore breasts, stuffing chocolate, spots - yes, even at 50) but weirdly I was also having the egg-white cervical mucus you associate with ovulation, and not just a bit of it, but LOTS of it.  Then the period pains kicked in - but no actual period!  This went on for a few weeks, every day I'd be convinced that today would be the day my period would start... but no, just all the symptoms of impending periods and egg-white cervical mucus.  So weird.


Eventually took myself off to the doctors, who did an internal, saw white patch on cervix and told me it was most likely thrush (although how thrush gives you all the other symptoms I do not know).  Had Canesten pesssaries for three days, back to doctors, white patch still there.... so now I'm off to the hospital.  Also had FSH measured and I'm not in menopause.

My instinct says it's cancer (little ray of sunshine aren't I).  At the start of this year I had weird problems with my vision - they thought it was a brain tumour and did masses of tests but the MRIs etc were all clear.  My vision problems haven't resolved and my balance will occasionally go for no reason.  My neurologist is convinced it's to do with my eyes and keeps referring me to an ophthalmologist.  My ophthalmologists (three so far) all say my eyes are fine and they're convinced the underlying cause is neurological and keep referring me back to my neurologist.  I feel like a damn ping-pong ball and my neurologist and I are fast approaching the end of the line... 


I can't help but think this cervical cancer (possibility, possibility I know) is a secondary.  That's what's really worrying me.



Hey-ho. Thanks for listening anyway.



Hi again whatever, I a also meant to say that before starting menopause I also had period type pains regularly (without bleeding) & also the mucousy? discharge. I was told that fluctuations in hormone levels can cause these symptoms. I'm sorry this has been a bit of a jumbled post, I'm new at this & not too proficient unfortunately . Xx

Everyone deals with it their own way. I convinced myself that I had 6 months to live, it had spread everywhere etc etc. I've always thought the worse the whole way through and therefore am pleased whenever I get news if that makes any sense.


My discharge was definitely not mucousy, it was very watery and foul smelling, so watery in fact I thought it was incontinence.

The added fear of the possible brain tumour must be awful to live with too. My dad died from a brain tumour so I know a little more than I would like about them! I've done a lot of reading on cervical cancer and have never heard of it being a secondary unless it is a secondary from another pelvic cancer and sometuimes breast. Not saying it can't be but have never read anywhere that it is.

Hope that makes sense. Please let us know how you gte on.



That is really weird what you say about the vision, I have had a similar thing but not connected the two before.  In fact have just put up with it and not told doctor just put it down to a bad migraine.  My history is this...I am 47, (3 children), had a border line changes smear test 5 years ago, then 6 monthly and yearly which were all clear.  In August had moderate cell changes and high risk hpv on smear test, after a long wait I had colposcopy last week where abnormal changes were found, and 3 biopsies were taken, and now the 6 week wait which is unbearable. Had bleeding after sex for the last 4 years which the doctor put down to having a coil and did no further tests at the time. On the biopsy the coil was dislodged and removed.   My eye problems have been flashing lights like a disco in the corner of my eye, just one eye (the left) normally settles down after a tablet though hence why just put up with it.  This waiting lark is awful.


Thank you both so much for replying... never been so glad to know that it's work on a Monday as all I've done this weekend is fret and worry.... be nice to have something else to think about.

No need to apologise for your post CelticGirl, it made perfect sense and it's gone someway to calming me down about my six weeks of period pain, PMT and cervical discharge... but no period. Oh the things you tell strangers on Internet forums eh :-)

You certainly sound as though you're going through the mill 365days - rotten you're having to go though all this, especially with what your father suffered.  So sorry.

Take care both and I hope that all you're wishing for comes to fruition.


Thanks again.

Hello ladybee

Ok, this this is going to sound quite potty, but bear with me....  these flashing lights you see, can you still see them when you close your eyes?  In fact, do you ever see weird things (lights, shapes, textures etc) when your eyes are closed?  I did say it would sound potty :-)



Hi again, Yes I can still see them when I close my eyes, it is mainly flashing lights, or what looks like bolts of thunder rather than shapes and textures, and when they are there it is impossible to do anything, have blind spots where the flashing bit is....ie if I was reading a book part of it would be blurred.  Sometimes with a headache afterwards, sometimes not.  Started a few months ago, and happens a few times a month but normally on concurrent days say for 3 days at a time.  I researched online it said was a form of migraine?

mmm, certainly sounds like a migraine.  Co-incidence I guess... like there isn't enough to worry about eh.


I've now had my confirmation letter for my first appointment (five days to go, woo-hoo, cannot come soon enough) and I was expecting the letter to come from the Gynaecology department... but now, my appointment is with "Gynaecological Oncology". Why do they do that!  [sigh]  Does that mean it's cancer and my GP just didn't have the guts to tell me (all that...  well, it could be cancer, but it's most probably not.... spiel), or that it is indeed cancer?


If anyone from the NHS is reading this, could you not leave the word Oncology off the first appointment letter, especially where people haven’t actually been told they have cancer - just a thought?  Work is a hot-bed of gossip and the last thing I need right now is to show a letter like that to my manager.

Hi I'm new to forums and to this whole business.  Firstly of all your posts - i've read nearly every thread are really supportive. Whatever how are you now?  Have you had your appointment and how did it go?