Oh the faff

So... I went in for my LLETZ on Wednesday, waited for over an hour past my appointment time before I was seen, and then ... nothing.

It was a different doc to last time, so I mentioned that I'd almost passed out at my last colp - as suggested by the lady doctor who'd done that for me.  

New doc decided he couldn't do the LLETZ after all as I'd need "a proper operating theatre and facilities" so I can be monitored. So I've got another 2-3 weeks wait for a new appointment at a different hospital.

I do see the sense in it - they don't want me fainting and causing myself complications and they don't have beds at the outpatients clinic - but it's a real pain, particularly as I'd got myself all ready for this.  It annoys me that they hadn't read the notes, especially as I rang up to check up about it.

I'm now slightly panicking that, although he's recommending it still be done under local, I might turn up at the JR and they'll say "oh no, it needs to be general", and it'll have to be put off for another 2-3 weeks. It'd be just my luck!  And this is supposed to be a simple procedure to get rid of things quickly and efficiently.

Oh well, keep calm and carry on...

Update: got impatient and rang to enquire when my appointment would be.  Apparently I wasn't even properly in the system(!)

But i do now have a date, next Thurs (16th).  Here we go again...