officially cancer free

I was so excited to put this on the old forum, but thought I would add it on the new shiny forum as well.  Still singing from the rooftops that I was given the 'no cancer present' stamp on Friday.  Still being actively monitored every couple of months which makes me feel safe, but am sooooo happy xxxx  It's been a hard slog!

love to all x

That is brilliant news, quite right to still be celebrating. Hope you have had a few 'refreshments' to celebrate!! Best feeling ever x

Absolutely fantastic news! I'm halfway through chemo/rad so understand completely the hard slog it is.  Your news makes me feel positive that I can beat this too! Enjoy your celebrations! X

Thats brilliant news, its great to hear and every positive post gives me extra strength.  I have a big smile on my face for you and hope in the near future I will also hear those words in my ear.


Take care :-) x

Amazing news!!  Thanks fo the post as it gives so much strength and positivity to those of us starting out or midway through the process.

Wishing you well for the future and go spoil yourself!!!!!!!smiley



Congratulations.  I too was given the all clear on Friday  following treatment (radio / chemo and brachytherapy)  for Stage 2b and it is such a relief to know the treatment did its job.  Will be seen every 3 months for the first year and so on...  I know it will be nerve-racking every time I get close the next check up but all is looking good.  Wishing you all the best too and let's keep smiling.

Whoop, whoop my little Puffer Fish! Big hugs xxx

Congratulations & well done! I see from your signature your journey was not an easy one. I applaud you fir coming through this terrible time, I’m really happy for you.

Get back to living again!

Lisa x x

What fantastic news for you. I am hoping to write that one day. Had rad hyster 17th Oct, waiting for appoinment for chemoradiation xx