Offered radical trachelectomy

hi all,


After MRI and CT scan I found out on friday that my cancer is stage 1b and I was deliriously happy to hear it had not spread any further and I could have a radical trachelectomy. meaning they just remove my cervix and I keep my womb and prospects for having another baby.  I have one beautiful little girl and we'd been trying for number two and had two miscarriages just before getting my diagnosis. Now I'm worrying that I could be at greater risk of further cancers, or it returning. They said not, but it is the curse of googling things that has led me to question this. Anyone got any advice for me? 



Congratulations! :-)

My advice? Keep right away from Google! You are dealing with qualified and experienced doctors who specialise in gynaecological cancer, they know their stuff. Most of the internet is written by rank amateurs so just ignore it :-)

Be lucky :-)

Yep. Actually, that's probably the best advice!! Thank you. Xxx

I'm going to send you a message :-) I'm 2 weeks post trach so we can share info - knowledge is power! x