Off the roller coaster for the moment

Hi ladies,

I don't post regularly, but pop in from time to time. Last time was about a year ago, when I had VAIN 3 show up 6 months post hysterectomy for 1b1. My surgeon removed the area, pathology said adenoma and everyone was happy again for 3 months.

Check up in June last year showed VAIN 3 again, and upon removal, microinvasion was found, so was referred for 8 sessions of brachytherapy. At the time, I felt so low. I thought I'd beaten this, so to have to deal with it again so soon was soul destroying. I had my next check up in December, and was convinced it would be more bad news, but it wasn't. The smear was clear. Two weeks ago I had another check up. Again, I was afraid for the results, but it was clear again. I've now been clear for longer than I ever have been since this all started, so I'll take that as a positive, because you have to take your positives where you can. 

My fingers are crossed now for a year of clear, I've had a setback, and it's taken its toll on my relationship, and my mental health, and I've gone into menopause but I'm still here, and I'll beat this thing. So for now, I'm off the roller coaster, at least for the next 3 months.

Much love to everyone fighting this disease, wherever you are in the journey.

Really pleased to hear you're doing well. I know how soul destroying it can be when the bad results seems never ending but sounds sounds like you can relax now and put it all behind you xxx