Off I go again....however, should I?

I had a colposcopy just over a year ago, low grad dyskaryosis, with a watch and wait approach, repeat smear in a year. So here I am again, exactly the same position, smear came back exactly the same, mild, borderline changes with HPV positive. My question to you guys is this, my first colposcopy was completely painless, however the person performing it was incredibly rude, I had to do a walk of shame in a backless gown, from one large room to another, I endured the endless wittering of a nurse holding my hand but not talking to me, she was talking to her colleague across the room, and ignored me completely, and although my results were not horrendous, I was treated in the most off hand manner at the end dead pan face with a couldn’t care less tone, “nothing to be too concerned about either it will or it won’t, possibly see you in a year” but the next comment completely floored me…”are you promiscuous?” I nearly burst into tears there and then and left immediately. My next colposcopy will very probably be performed by the same person, with the same team again. Should I tackle her about how she made me feel, or should I just put up and be quiet? I’m seriously considering not going. Thanks for any help.

Firstly, you definitely must go, don't let their rudeness stop you as it's really important you're monitored. You could call the colposcopy department and explain and ask to be booked in with someone else. That is shockingly rude of her but doesn't surprise me. I had early cancer and developed really bad anxiety. I was booked in to see the hospitals specialist cancer therapist. She didn't know much about this specific cancer and when I spoke about hpv she said 'hmm yes, that's the problem these days with people having multiple sexusl partners'. Absolutely floored me and I felt so judged and made me feel like it was my fault. I never went to see her again, probably should have complained but didn't. Apart from her I've been lucky and the docs and nurses have been lovely. Definitely give them a call and mention how you were treated, try and book in with someone else but don't let them put you off as for your health it's so important you go to check ups x

Hi Libby, 

Thank you so much! I have called Colposcopy today, and spoke to a lovely lady, and explained the situation, and that under no circumstances would I see that woman again.  I got an appointment for three weeks time, with someone entirely different.  Which has given me a little less to worry about.  Thank you for your kind wise words xx

Wow!!! I cannot believe that so called health professionals are talking to patients like this!!! Whatever happened to being treated with dignity and respect?! You must attend the appointment because this is your health at stake & it's important that the hospital is aware that this has happened. It sounds like some retraining in bedside manner is needed! 


I would describe the nurse's question to you as judgemental and inappropriate.  It's good that you asked to see someone different for your next appointment.


Thank you so much for the support ladies, and yes, retraining, judgemental, inappropriate, I made a point of explaining why I wanted to see someone else, whether it goes any further remains to be seen xx

I’m so glad you made that call and that you will see someone hopefully far more professional, the nurse I saw was inappropriate and it made a difficult situation much harder. Much love to you and I hope you have a much easier time this time xx