Odd Pains

I had my second colposcopy a few weeks ago and was pretty much fine after with no bleeding or discharge (the first one was quite the opposite) but ever since I'm not had my usual period but have had terrible period pains. I keep thinking I'm going to have my period due to the pains but then nothing. I've also had quite bad ovary ache, wondering if this could be related. 

Am I going mad or is this normal? Was going to contact the hospital to check but don't want to bother anyone unnecessarily! 

Any help would be great. 


Hi - Sounds strange but i get this pain when i am ovulating. I would call your dr just to be on the safe side x

Thanks Stacey, I think it's odd too, might give it a few more days just to see what happens. Maybe just my body not happy about all of the stresses of this. I'll see what happens. Fingers crossed. x

Hi Clare,

After my colp I had horrible bloating and what felt like period pains for about a fortnight afterwards.  It was a horrible dull ache and it seems it's quite common but if you are worried then call your GP to check and put your mind at rest. x