Occassional light pink spotting after sex

Hi guys

I have just been thinking about possible cc symptoms that i may have had and missed and it suddenly occurred to me that i occassionaly get light pink spotting after sex and experience a little pain at the start of sex. I had always put this down to vaginal dryness that i have had due to the medication im on (citalopram) but am now freaking out that its because of cc and i have wrongly dismissed it and im in advanced stages now :( I know this is irrational but im finding this so hard with my anxiety issues that i already have. I was fine a few hours ago but have suddenly gone all panicy again and keep thinking the worse x



The symptoms you have are very unlikely to be cervical cancer, there are lots of other things that can cause them. Also advanced symptoms are very different. But it would be worthwhile visiting your GP just to double check and put your mind at rest. I’m sure all will be well.

Take care
Ali x


I am experiencing similar too, and am thinking the same as you.... Mine has been going on for years, and I have dismissed it as normal... always finding an excuse (close to period, or position during sex)... Nurse said I had an ectropic cervix... Doc sent me for BV swab (?? ).. I go back on thursday to insist on a colposcopy... I am worried as mine is sometime like a full blown period for an hour or two after sex... Sometimes its pink and light. I am having anxiety issues, as I already had a cancer scare last year...

Sending you positive vibes, let me know how you go... Get it checked! Even though I'm sure your symptoms don't really sound too bad at all.

Good luck :)