Nurse v Consultant

Hi all 


I'm due back at the hospital on Monday for another biopsy. The first time I went, I hadn't been given a diagnosis beforehand so didn't really know what to ask etc.

This time round I feel a bit more prepared and have quite a few things I'd like to check. The last time everything was such a blur, that when the nurse asked about other symptoms, I said no - however I've had pelvic pains and light discharge for about 6 years. An ultrasound when it first started came back clear and no further investigations were made (the GP put it down to IBS?!) however it has been an ongoing problem. The pain is tolerable most of the time however on occasion does have me doubled over (this isn't very often though).

When I go back to the hospital on Monday, I'm due to see the nurse again however, whilst I really don't want to make a big drama out of all this but I'm wondering whether it would be better for me to speak to a consultant? Posts on here seem to suggest that most people see a consultant however I've only been offered a nurse and am wondering whether I'd need to specifically as for a consultant. 

I certainly don't want to disparage the wonderful work nurses do however surely a consultant will be more specialised and equipped to answering questions. I don't feel comfortable going to a nurse on Monday and coming away thinking that I still have doubts about what's happening 




Hey Louisella,

I saw a nurse colposcopist on my visit (they're specially trained to do colposcopies). You might have to wait longer for a consultant appointment (I'm just guessing but it seems likely?) so you could go to your appointment and mention that you've thought about what she asked before and you've got new information, and see where that discussion goes? If she thinks there's something she can't assess I'm sure she'd ask you to come back or find a consultant :) x

Hi there,

Although the nurse colposcopists are specially trained, you do have a right to ask to be seen by the consultant. It's really not making a drama if it helps you get the answers you're looking for - you're important! If the consultant is around that day you might have to wait longer but could see them same day, or if not to see them on another day. Or maybe you can ring the clinc and change the appointment to one with the consultant?

Good luck x