Nurse said my cervix is raw inflammed and have alot of scar tissue?

Hi I went for my first smear post a lletz procdure 3 years ago.
I have had reccurant pain during sex and just been told to use a lot of lube.

On having my smear yesterday I was told that I had a lot of scar tissue and also my cervix was extremely raw and red resulting in her not being able to carry out the smear. I have to go back in 3 weeks time to see a specialtist gynae dr to see if she can carry it out or else it will be under general.

Anyone shed any light on this I am so scared.

Hi Lorraine sorry to hear about the difficulties your having i hope they are resolved soon. Did the Nurse send of a swab to test if you have an infection? I use to dread going for smears as my womb tilts backwards and it always took a few attempts before they got it. Then sometimes I would get a letter to say i needed another one as it was inconclusive I know how worrying it can be. Your specialist should be able to do your smear so try not to worry keep us posted i will be thinking about you. lots of love xxxx

Thank you.

No she didnt manage to get anything as the scar tissue is just too hard and the bits where its red raw were so inflammed she didnt want to hurt me.

I have the next appointment 2nd march so fingers crossed. x

Hi Lorraine how are you I am thinking about you? Keep in touch xx

Hi there I have an appointment on 2nd March to a specialist to see if she can get the smear. Fingers crossed xx

got my smear in two days and absolutely bricking it