Nurse has given me the fear

Wondering if anyone has had the same experience or can calm me down any!!

3years ago I had a smear and had abnormal cells so I got treatment for it (loop something) then another smear 6month later and all was fine. So today I was due my smear 3years later.

The nurse asked me at the start if I had any abnormal bleeding and I explained how I was in the contraceptive implant (for 6 years) which often ment my period was for about 1.5 weeks she said was normal she then began to do my smear...... She used the week plastic thing (don't know the name)  then said she was changing it to a different size one to which I asked is there something wrong she said no she just couldn't get the right angle..... She the goes on to talk about my period again and how long if last..... I became concerned after this. So again I asked is there something wrong.... She said no I can see where u have had treatment before as its red but that can happen to people..... Since I have left the doctors I have been googling everything u could imagine..... So my question is has this ever happened to anyone? Is redness after treatment normal (3years later)?  And can a nurse actually spot anything doing a smear?

Thanks in advance for any advice