now what?

well, i'll be blowed if i know what's going on now.

went to dr last weds after the whole heavy bleeding and clots incident. she suggested i might have an infection but couldn't examine me as too much 'going on'. the bleeding then slowed right down and actually stopped for 3 whole days! joy of joys! whether it was due to the tablets or not, i don't know.

actually managed to fool around with my boyfriend for the first time in weeks. although he still wouldn't stick anything all the way in there, if you get me, he's still a bit worried about it. this didn't seem to affect the bleeding.

this was on the weekend, and then tuesday night whilst i was at work (of course) i noticed it had started again. i thought, OK must be my period. well, who the F knows? if it was my period i expected the flow to get heavier, but 2 days later and it's not, just the same as it was before the clot thing. red blood, small amounts, not much else. i had a few cramps, nothing major. not sure what to do. the doc advised me to go back if things didn't get better. but then, they have got better since i saw her, but it's still there, y'know.

i figured i'll give it a few days and have made an appointment with my GP for next week if it's still going on. otherwise i don't know what to do.

i've got my daughter's birthday to prepare for in just over 2 weeks, i don't want this to still be going on then :(

Hi Jodhi,

Unfortunately the bleeding can go on for 6 weeks. I was unlucky and it lasted almost 8 weeks but was told it was normal. I think your right to book in with your GP though just to be on the safe side.

Were you given Antibiotics if the doctor thought it might be an infection? I wasn't examined for mine, I just told the doctor my bleeding was very heavy and there was an odd smell and they gave me antibiotics to be on the safe side. This was right at the start after my lletz and didn't really affect the bleeding.

Hope you feel better soon :) x

LLETZ was 5 weeks ago now. I've had antibiotics, yes.

I know the bleeding can go on for a while, but this is just f**king ridiculous. I'm crying. I just want it to go away.

Hi Jodhi, I have thermo coagulation on the 23rd September and just as I think my bits are getting back to normal something happens. I haven't had it as bad as you but it is disheartening when you think you're getting a normal flow again and then your body decideds it wants to shake things up a bit! Keep your chin up, in time I'm sure you'll be fine and all this poking and proding will be a distant memory!!