Now im worried :(

Ok this is a tmi post So sorry in advance but im now worrying. Ok so i havent had a period for about a month now had my smear test monday had no bleeding after there was just blood on the brush. Me & my partner did the deed last night and me being me checked for blood there was none atall and i kept checking. However this morning ive woken up and i have some light bleeding and cramps and lower backache just like when you start your period , Now im not sure wether this is my period or something sinister there was no pain during last nights activity and no blood after. I had the depo in august last year and i was due to get another on october 31st but didnt as i had constant bleeding for the 12 weeks and had norethistrone to try and stop it for about 2 months i then had on off bleeding till i went onto the contraceptive pill in feb which stopped the bleeding but i stupidly forgot a pill one day then started bleeding the day after for another 10 days . I stopped the pill just over a month ago as i wanted to stop all the fake hormones and let my body recover from the hell it had been through . Like i said im now terrorfied i dont know wether this is classed as bleeding after sex or the sex has just finally kick started my period. As it is im terrorfied about my results and this has now added to it!! Ive had 2 good days trying not to think about the results as im convinced they are gonna be abnormal and now this has sent me into a panic again :'( . I know im sounding so neurotic and pathetic but im now wondering if i hadnt have had sex last night would i be bleeding today and am now regretting it . xx

Hi Stacey

try not to worry-easier said then done I know but sometimes sex does kick my period as well so maybe see how you get on in the next couple of days. It's from just your period that you're experiencing with all the prodding you had up there, smear and sex!

Emma x

Hi Stacey,

Sex certainly used to kick my period off back in the days when I had periods, and back in the days when I had sex ;-)

I have found that article I mentioned to you on Sunday so here it is :-) Obviously it was longer ago than I thought!

Be lucky


Its so scary as i have the back ache and leg aches i was told i had a trapped nerve in my back a few months ago had a xray a few weeks ago and it showed no sleipped discks nothing infact in my back it was clear but ive just read the symptoms and a lady had te same but hers was a tumour pressing on her nerve . And im guessing that an xray wouldnt show that up if that was the case so im now thinking maybe thats whats causing mine. I just know deep down something aint right everyone keeps telling me thats my anxiety as ive also had all the symptoms of brain tumours , dvts to name a few . And they have always beenn clear xxx

Hi Stacey! Just wanted to check how you're doing? Big hugs xxx

Hi Stacey.

Just thought I would check in see how you are doing?

Hope all is well?

Luv sky xxx

Hi sky and vicki Still havent had my results!!! Its 12 days since i had the smear test and im still going insane with worry!!! Dont think my postman has been yet and as soon as i hear the post drop my heart will start racing! I think the bleeding i had on saturday was my period it progressed in to full on bleeding on suday monday and tuesday weds and thursday it was brown and today theres nothing touch wood!! . How are all u girls getting on? xx