november lets meet

hi guys

its that time again and i cant wait for the meet so many new names on jos does any 1 want to meet the night before if they are goin down the night before which i am for something to eat and a drink or 6 ha ha :lol:

i will be on the net today looking for somewhere to stay and local to eat the night before so come on guys lets show london wot we made of

i also wanted to see grease so may do it all while im down there any 1 else ?? just an idea love debi xxxxx

i would love to see grease!!!
am thinking i mite have to come down on thursday night now instead of friday morning!!

i out a list of cheap but ok-ish hotels on the other post on this


should i see if we can get in to see grease on the thursay

i really want to treat my self let me no x
love debi x

yes please hun!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

have you picked a hotel yet?? ive just booked my flight. come down thurs morning and come home sat night :smiley:


count me in girls just need to sort out how im getting there and hotel minor hitch !!! xx

shall we all chose a hotel to stay in so we’re all together?? the ones near the venue are waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too expensive for little me on my post-student budget. round some near earls court and bayswater stations that i can manage though.

Hi Girls

Count me in too, just need to sort hotel too, would be good to all stay at the same place if we can.

Love & Hugs


hi girls

well ive been lookin and we can get a deal with hotel and tickets

i will sort out when im back from my hols on 1st sept so defo for the thursday night or would you prefer friday ??

i got to see grease while im there its something ive wanted to do when i watched it every sat on tv keep you posted xxxx

love debi x

either will be good for me hun

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

HI Grils

Thursday evening is good for me, Will be coming up after work, so will need times etc, I will have to see if I can leave earlier depending on meet times for Grease and Hotel Bookings

Thanks Lovies


Hi everyone

Im not far from London (50 mins train) and with work am always running around in town, therefore if I can help anyone with directions and tubes and stuff just holla back!

I am so new to this but I was thinking maybe that if the invite is open to everyone and I’m fit as a fiddle (op on 25/09) maybe I could join you?? plus my birthday is 02/12 so I could this to my celebrations maybe?

I hope I’m not gate crashing, if you let me know your thoughts that would be great :smiley:

Lucy Lu

x o x


You are not gate crashing, its the “Lets Meet” planned for 30th November in London, some of us are going up thursday evening and staying in hotel and going to Grease Thursday night and then will be going onto the meet on Friday.

If your well and want to come up with me on The Thursday, Im going up by train and then will be finding the hotel fom there.

See EVENTS at the top of Page fro details of “The Lets Meet” day

Call if you want, dont forget