Not the news I wanted

Hi all how u all doin? 

Just wondering if anybody can put my mind at ease a bit....started off with an inconclusive 3 month post treatment mri scan..had to go in for laparoscopy and biopsies taken..good news is my cervical cancer is gone..lymph nodes clear the lot...bad news while mooching around inside me Dr noticed something on my peritoneum...taken biopsy and it's cancer ..he said it's a 3mm cell...he is confident he removed it all in biopsy but wants me to have chemo to make sure...he told me I'm lucky in one way because if my original mri scan had come back clear ..this wouldn't have been detected. .but I'm unlucky in that iv now got to face this...anybody been through the same sort of thing  and what type of chemo will I have this time? Xx

Hi Louise 

I'm so sorry about your news . I. Any help you with this , I'm new on here , recently been diagnosed . I'm sure some of these wonderful ladies on here will give you some advice soon . Hopefully biopsy has got rid of it all let me know how you get on , take care xx

Hi lisa 

Thanks for the reply..I just want to start the treatment now and get on with it..patience is not one of my strong points lol..yea I will let u know how I get on xx

Hi louise. Well it's good news they picked it so early. You'll have carboplatin, paclitaxel known as taxol and Avastin. It's doable but horrible and lasts 6 months. It woirked for me. You'll have to be very strong. Can I suggest you use all the supports you have, family and friends, indulge yourself with beauty treatments and massages, don't try and meet anyones expectations and try your hardest to be calm in this rocky world. Jayne

Hi jayne

Thanks for the advice I will follow it

Can I ask did u have it in the same place as me? Xx

I had it in Melbourne Australia so I'm guessing not I am here for you whenever you want. I've lived through it and know what's coming Jayne


sending hugs 

have you had chemo and rads when you got diagnosed  or did you have a hysterectomy ? 

If it is the chemo mix a few on here have had that chemo mix or cocktail as we call it and we are all having great results

your lucky for it to be caught early 3mm is so so small 

as Jayne says come on here for advice and we will offer it with experience 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi jayne and Michelle

Thank u....xx

Michelle I had chemo rads..5 weeks of chemo 25 radio and 3 brachy..thus was only discovered because I had an inconclusive mri scan after treatment. ..Have either of u had cancer in this place? Xx


i have 2 tumours in my para aortic lymph nodes  one on my pelvic wall and one near my diaphragm not the same place as you 

other  ladies have had recurrence cancer in all different places as in liver bowel aortic vessel ovaries even lungs but the treatment is exactly the same second time round it's a case of the chemo mix of carbo/taxol and avastin for 6 cycles theres ladies on here that have had the all clear after the chemo mix so don't despair ask as many questions in your next meeting and please come on here for advice from us experts that have been through this second chemo we are all happy to help you get through it 

stay strong 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Hi michelle

Ah that sounds lungs,bowel,bladder and everywhere else is clear it's just this 3mm spot...he can't understand how it has appeared there..he said it's not very common..but I'm on another group on Facebook and there a couple of ladies on there who have it....will I lose my hair with this chemo....I'm not worried about losing it just need to be prepared xx


unfortunately that's the price to pay you will lose the hair once it's gone it's no big deal it's an issue till it's gone but I found after I'd shaved it off I wasn't really that bothered I just rocked the head scarfs through the summer and invested in a wig about November time to be honest I only wore the wig a few times the main time was for my wedding I loved the head scarf look through the summer and just wore a hat in the winter I finished my chemo mix 22nd oct 2016 and 8 months later I have a short trendy hairstyle always had longish hair but love my new short  hair style I had my 4th cut on it yesterday and highlights put in it actually has a shape now 

you can always donate your hair to a charity which I know some have done 

tivoli came up with one called the little princess charity for the kids one to think about 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Ah iv got short hair anyway and it's shaved at the back so losing it won't be such a shock to the long as I'm prepared I can handle it...I'm starting to feel a little bit more positive now if I'm honest...thank u for ur replies they mean a lot ❤xx

Hi ladies 

I will starting round in the next week or's paclitaxel  (taxol) and carboplatin is this the same as u all had?? Xx

Hi Louise Most of us have had Avastin as well. Good luck with it. The carboplatin is the unpleasant one. Taxol is more tolerable. Neither give you that awful metallic taste like the cisplatin did with the rads which was a nice surprise. Ofcourse we all experience it slightly differently Jayne