not taken seriously?

hi i was wondering if anyone could help. im 23 and have been showing symptoms of cervical cancer. it started about 3 years ago when i experienced bleeding after sex and pain sometimes. i left this for a long time as i hoped it would just go away. at the begginning of this year i went to my gp as the bleeding was only seeming to get worse. i had an sti and infections test that came up all clear. i was then told to go back if it happened again. the next time i was given antibiotics for an infection that wouldnt of shown up on the other tests and was sent on my way and told if it happens again go back. i was then referred to a gyno and had a cervical smear test (its been 3 weeks andi havent heard from them) and she told me it looks like cervical erosion?? but sent the test off to make sure. i have also just had a kidney infection that was really bad and i know this can sometimes be in connection with cc. i have had a course of antibiotics but still have kidney pain. also i did not experience any uti symptoms? its really worrying me as i feel im not being taken seriously. any replies would be greatly apprieciated. thanks.

Hi Bonjourlaura,
Sorry you’ve had to find Jo’s but you’re definitely in the right place! You could try calling your GP surgery and seeing if your resutls have gone back to them (they could just be slow in the post for you)?
I’ve been told I had a cervical erosion before (although nothing mentioned at my first smear) - I was about 20/21 I think and I absolutely freaked out becuase I was bleeding after sex. I went through the same things as you - STI testing, infection testing etc and everything was clear. I didn’t have it as bad as yours sounds as mine cleared up after a while and touch wood I haven’t had any problems (aside from the obvious lol) since, and the nurse said it’s just (my favourite phrase…) ‘one of those things’ and having sex in certain positions, being on the pill, general hormonal changes etc can cause it.
I’d definately call your practice and see if they can get your doctor/a nurse to call back with your smear results - until you get them your mind will be all over the place. If your smear is negative you could have a chat with your GP about your erosion (/ectropion as it’s sometimes called) as I know from vague net research at the time you can be cauterised if it’s causing a major problem but definately have chat wtih a GP/nurse about how it’s affecting you.
Hugs! x x x x x becky

hi beckycarlos, thankyou for your reply. my mind is just being taken over by this! i will be going to my gp tomorrow so fingers crossed they can point me in the right direction. thanks again :slight_smile: xxxxxx

Hi Laura,

Just wondering how you got on at your GPs? x