Not sure where to post this

Was at the doctors on Tuesday at 1pm thinking I had a water infection and to get some antibiotics she called me back at half 2 and said my test was find and I didn’t need them so she did a inturnel and iv been put on the cancer path way she think they didn’t get all my cells 3 years ago when I had CIN 3 pre cancer on my cervix and when she was looking today she said she could see my scar tissue and that's fine and could see something else that isn’t right and is sending me straight on the list for more tests am there 2 weeks on Friday just gone am no longer having blood discharge after ya wee but still have lower tummy pain and pain inside my vag am due on when my appointment is will they still be able to do tests or do I cancel 


Is it a colposcopy appointment you are booked for? That can be done if you have your period.

I’d say go regardless and discuss it with them. If they can’t do it for whatever reason they can reappoint you. Or you can call them and check

Good luck.