Not sure what's going on..

Hi everyone, I lost a baby on valentines day this year. I was three months pregnant and the heart just stopped. my pap I had done during the pregnancy came back and a week after I had the D&C they told me that the pap detected the abnormal cells and that I needed to do biopsy. Did the biopsy and it came back as CIN2. Three weeks later I did a leep procedure and they had to laser the endocervical and outer cervical. Biopsys and test results came back a week later on the leep and they told me I have reached CIN3 and also it have glandular extension. It has reached the glands around my endocervix. I went back today after three months and did another pap and scrape. I'm scared on what I should do

Oh Laura, I am so sorry to hear your awful news.

I cannot help you as my situation is different to yours but wanted to say sorry and tell you that it is a waiting game. There really is nothing you can do but try to fill in the hours and days as best you can until they contact you again as everyone is different and what happened to one person will be different for the next. If you read the posts on here for ladies from CIN3 through to stage 4 cancer, the waiting is the worst bit and there is nothing you can do about it.

So chin up, keep reading and posting on here and hopefully someone will be able to give you better advice than me. Fingers crossed xx good luck

Donna X