Not sure what is going on 😂

Hi all,

I’ve was diagnosed with cc in dec 23 since then I’ve had 2 lletzs and an mri in jan 24, it’s been the most ridiculous time waiting and not getting any answers, I was going to transfer to another hospital but my last lletz results came back with the cancer being deeper in my cervix, another 2 weeks of waiting and was discussed in the mdt yesterday and was due to be called no phone call I had to ring them, I had been told I’d need a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago, but from yesterdays mdt I now need another mri a medical sec told me this and that on my notes from the mdt my consultant said don’t write a letter that they would call me, I don’t get why I need another mri as apparently I was told my last one came back okay but now they are saying it was undetermined whatever the hell that means. And I am a complex case but again I’ve no idea why. I am not sure what I am asking, as I am so confused by it all. It’s been a long 4 months of not knowing. But would anyone know why I need another mri?

Sorry for the long ramble. X

Hi Syra1980

It’s my understanding that, whilst it’s amazing technology, medical imaging isn’t a precise science and subject to differing interpretations according to who’s looking at it or maybe the same person doing a review may question their previous assessment.

It can be incredibly stressful waiting for tests and results, not knowing what’s going on and in the meantime our emotions and minds can give us merry hell. On the plus side it sounds like your medical team are being thorough with their investigations before advising about treatment, so as to get you the best result possible for the long term.

Your experience of expecting a call which didn’t happen isn’t unusual if my experience of NHS admin is anything to go by! Keep records of appointments, communications etc and presume to have to chase things up now and then.