Not sure if I've been hpv tested.


I’ve just been for my yearly smear. I had treatment for cin3 in 2009. I went from 6mnths to yearly. Last year I had borderline changes again that I had to wait 6mnths to be retested. As a result of this I was sent for a colposcopy. Doctor said everything was fine apart from scaring caused by the treatment.

I really understand how anxious people get waiting for results. No doctor has ever mentioned hpv testing to me. Could this be something that has already been done without anyone telling me or should I be asking for it. I’m not sure If this would help my anxiety levels are not.

I’m not sure whether to bring this up with them, but I’ve noticed there seems to be new procedures.


As I understand it, they will test mild or borderline results for HPV these days, but I don't think they bother about it if it's already CIN3/severe anyway.

My letter from the screening program did say "borderline changes and high risk HPV present" though, so if it's not mentioned in yours, you might in fact not have it. I believe they do test all borderline samples for HPV though, so you have probably been tested.

There's no harm in asking your GP - maybe the letter they received has a bit more info than yours, and they may be able to set your mind at rest a bit.