Not sure if I'm in the right place x

Had smear in June, came back in august with high/severe dyskaryosis. Had a colposcopy and that has come back with SMILE cells. I do not understand these.....however I have been going through menopause since I was 31 now 36 and am on HRT. my question is, can I and is it worth just asking for a hysterectomy? Thank you

Can anyone help? X

Hi Lisa

I don’t have any experience with SMILE. This will potentially be an option for you, discuss it with your consultant when you see them. I suppose it dealers on how much of the cervix is affected? 

Take care xxxx

Hi Lisa,

Sorry, don't know what smile cells is either. They could offer a number of different options including LELTZ procedure, CONE biopsy, hysterectomy. Really need to discuss the findings with your consultant. Best of luck with it all. 
x Maria