Not scared, but nearly. (sorry for the detail)

I was given the all clear from stage 2b cc on 14th July. I had my first follow up examination on 12th October and the doc is happy the way things ‘felt’. My first post MRI is in January. I don’t know what the norm is as I live in a country where details are hard to come by.

Anyways, I am going through menopause, have bad hips and knees and haven’t started taking any vitamins yet - altough I will. I didn’t use the dialator after my treatment. I opted for regular, natural sex. However, this wasn’t happening as often as it probably should have been! So the other day I had intercourse with my husband and bled - just a tiny bit. I’m not worried about that as I know that’s fine. However, since then I’ve had a ‘period cramp’ type pain in my lower tummy and back.

I’m a little bit nervous as this was the type of pain I got that made me go to the doctor in the first place. Now my ‘sane’ mind tells me that I had had the tumour for years to get to the size it was etc etc so (worst case scenario) even if it was back, I wouldn’t be feeling it anyways.

Then my over-reacting mind is like ‘Hurry to the doctor and get checked out!’

If anyone has had anything similar, please get in touch to give me peace of mind. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Abby,

Sorry you are having a bit of a scary time, I'm afraid I can't be that much help to you in this instance but I just wanted to say never worry about too much information / too much detail on this site.

Be lucky :-)