Not getting the help I need ( 2nd time )

So my very first visit-- the hospital took the biopsy and the specimen died before it could be processed and they couldnt see where my hpv was at ( its been almost at that point diagnosed in april 2019) 


So i decide to get another answer from a different place, this was last week-- the Dr explained to me that it takes years to get to cancer and that im at the beginning stages but they werent gonna not not do anything. So she takes another pap and says she wants to see me in 2 weeks.. 


Well i check my portal and not only do I not see a date for my next appointment but I dont see results for my colp. 


I dont want to be anal and be in their ass but... I never got an update on my hpv. I could be needed a whole leep but no one seems to care enough to follow up with me.


She said that I wouldnt magically jump from high risk hpv to cancer by December ( my original follow up date but they dont even know if my hpv is still lsil. ) 



Its just so aggrevating! Im going to different places same mess UHG. I dont know what to do now.. 

I feel i probably have cancer already since its been nearly 2yrs no treatment :/