Not getting answers please advise!!

Hi I posted on here a week or go but no one posted. I now have new information basically I had a lletz for cin3 and I have hpv. Now I have a letter saying the tissue removed was only inflamed and not cin at all!!! I am pleased but worried have they missed it? Why the drastic change? No one will answer my questions at the hospital. what would you do? 


Hi Hun, 

may be worth booking an appointment with the GP or will you be having any follow up appointment at gynae? 

I have no explanation as to why it's shown up as inflammation I'm sorry but I'm guessing that under the solution applied it appeared to be a CIN rather than just inflammation.

I do know inflammation can give an abnormal smear result though. 

in sure your GP would be happy to have a chat with you even if just over the phone 



Thanks for your reply It’s was an actually biopsy that determined cin3. So I have lots of questions. Cin3 can’t just fix themselves can it? So where did it go? I am waiting for hospital sister to call me back x

I had similar happen after my first lletz, biopsy was cin 3 and lletz results said no abnormality. I was told at the time that it was only a small area of abnormality and the biopsy probably got it all. This might be the case with you. My next 6 month smear though came back abnormal again and the biopsy showed cin 3 again so I had another lletz and the result of that one was cin 2 removed. I still don't know if it was missed the first time or returned that quickly. The next smear after that was normal but hpv still there. I'm praying that my next smear in a few wks time will be normal again.

Hi sunny day I hope your smear comes back as normal! It’s all so confusing when you get results totally random! Do you think I should ask to discuss all this in person or get a second opinion? I am worried they missed it as on the camera they took two biopsies but only removed one section in the lletz. I just get riddles out of the doctor it could be this or this… They don’t seem to appreciate its such a worrying time x

The worry is awful and I always feel that when I ask doctors about anything they play it down and it feels like they're not listening, I felt like I was offending them by suggesting they might have missed it. I'd suggest asking to talk to either your gp or the person that did your lletz and tell them your concerns and if there's any possibility they missed it could you have your next smear in 4 months time instead of 6 months (i think that's enough time for your cervix to heal after lletz, not sure though). Don't give up though until you're happy with the explanation of the difference between the results.

I have just spoken to the hospital the sister who dealing with me is now away for over a week. I spoke to her secretary and she read me the minutes of the meeting and She said maybe the biopsy itself removed it all. They want me to have repeat colposcopy in 6 months. So I guess I will have to wait till then that’s a long time tho I feel. Will wait until the sister is back and call again to clarify as she was only the receptionist x

It's good that you'll have a colposcopy in 6 months and not just a smear and hopefully it is the case that the biopsy removed it. The 2 areas you had biopsied might have been close enough for them to remove both areas in one go with the lletz.

Thanks for your responses sunny day hopefully I can start to not worry and enjoy life :slight_smile: hope your smear all goes well xx

Thanks :)