Not feeling at ease!

So I just got home from my colposcopy and was told that there was no areas that needed to be biopsied and everything is looking fine. Last year I had Lletz treatment for CIN 2 and was very anxious when my 6 month smear test came back with an abnormal result, especially as they booked me into the hospital only 2 weeks after my smear! The doctor told me that I won’t have to have a smear now for 3 years, but I don’t understand how they can leave me with the abnormal cells that they found on my smear! Surely if this is anything sinister that in 3 years it may have got a lot lot worse. I don’t feel particularly confident as the doctor that performed the coloscopy was the same doctor I had last year and when I had my first coloscopy she said she couldn’t see anything but would take a biopsy anyway and it came back CIN 2. My heads in a spin!

Hiya x

I had my first coloscopy today so I don't really know much about the afters of it.

But if I was in that situation and didn't have confidence in the advice/things the doctor was telling me. I'd seek a second opinion.  Have a chat with your gp they might know how to go about getting a second opinion or explain the results/outcome in more detail.

Hope it all works out xxxx

Much love xxx


It is scary to put your trust in someone but they are usually right and do know what they are doing. If you don't feel happy then speak to your GP. They may be able to offer advice and a second opinion :)