Not diagnosed-yet

Hello everyone! This will be kinda long so i appreciate anyone who reads this. Also can't find any forums in the U.S.  like this so hello from America. Anyways. I am 20 years old and i have a 2 year old baby. I always had an irregular period. It would sometimes come sometimes not. It started regulizing itself but everytime i had sex it would make it a day or 2 late sometimes a week. But i heard its normal. So after i had my baby via c section i bled more than the 6 weeks. I was put on bc pill and it stopped my period in a snap but i never wabted to be on bc because i was already an emotional mess and i had already gained a lot of weight so i discontinued it and then i began to bleed again. My obgyn was annoyed with me saying i cant just stop taking it but he never explained that to me so it was his fault and he recommended nexplanon he said it was better than the pill and most women dont get their period so i agreed we put it in and i stop bleeding again. For a good year. After i began to start having periods again. It wasnt concerning as they were short and not heavy so nothing concerning. I wpuld have missed periods but nothing too unusual. I did one time get this black discharge but i wasnt concerned at the time because i read this is normal with bc. But i did notice when i started getting periods again my blood wasnt red it was more of a dark brown. I never bled after or during intercourse and if i had sex on my period it actually would make it go away. But i didnt like to that but my ex fiancee had his urges sometimes and anything to satify him. Im sorry if its gross. I began to have his cough since april and it was july and my family was saying to go get it checked out because it wasnt normal and my sister made a comment what if its cancer. I began to obsess over it thinking i had lung cancer and then non hodgkins lymphoma. I was so stressed. Then it was august i began my period earlier than usual i was expecting it at the 12 and it came on the 5th. So that was strange to me i bleed for 21 days i was so scared i mentioned it to my gp all she said have ypu had a pap. I didnt but she didnt think it was anything serious but a bad period so i did too. On Sept my period was late it came on the 17th. And it ended 4 days later. Then it stopped for about 3 days and began again it freaked me the heck out. I went to the hospital because i felt heaviness on my left side of my pelvic area and i got a transvaginal us and a ct scan it just showed i had a 4 cm follicular cyst. But i was wprried after the abnormal bleeding i went to an obygn she was so rude to me saying it was just my bc and i had issues. She refused to do a pap becasue my age so i went ahead and scheduled a private smear. So i got it on oct1 and the day after i got my pap smear i was bleeding i didnt bleed after or during the pap only the next day i was so afraid. It ended on the 6th and then i began to bleed on the 12th and it ended on the 17th anf then on the 27th and it ended on the 28th. My pap came back normal so i decided to get my bc removed and start bc pills for the cyst. It shrunk to a 2 cm cyst. I then got a bartholin gland cyst removed and she had packed my vag. I had accidently pulled too hard and i bled soo bad i got scared and went to the hospital. They said it was from pulling the pack to early. It calmed down and eventually i was having just brown discharge it was so weird to me so i called my obgyn and she couldn't see me until the 29th of Nov. I didnt want to wait that long so i go to my moms dr and he took a look and said your just on your period your cervix looks fine. I began to cry i wasnt due my period. He didnt seem to be wprried since my pap was clear. And so was my ct scan and so was my U.S but after that i started bleeding more and more. I called my obgyn and told her i couldnt stop bleeding and i was so scared. She scheduled me on the 21th. I then expressed my concerns for cervicap cancer and i was so afraid i have cervical cancer and its probably advanced because i have this pain in my legs and inner thighs. And she said to calm down it wasnt cervical cancer but i cant trust her. She gave me the depo shot and told me i would stop bleeding if not we would try something else but it wasnt cancer if anything it was the bc itself and its normal when bc stops working and you need to change it up. And i wasnt taking the bc the same hour one day i took it an hour late and i heard that is enough to mess it up. I did stop bleeding 2 days after the shot. She looked at my cervix and told me it looked fine that advanced cervical cancer can be seen by the naked eye. She said not to worry but its so hard not to. I did get my hpv shots back when i was 9 but its still pretty new so who knows of it actually works. Does anyone know if i should go ahead and push her for more answers or should i calm down? I spoke with a girl who was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer at age 22 and she told me they also told her it was her bc. She yet still hasnt replied what kind of cc does she have or if she had her shots. Or anything but it kinda scares me to see these young women getting diagnosed super late because the dr blames it on hormonal issues or bc. I never wanted to be on bc to start with but my obgyn made it seem like it was the only option for me when i read other alternative. Could this be cc or does it seem more hormonal than anything?  Im so stresses i have been feeling super down lately. Because im so convinced its cancer. I never been this upset. I want to see my baby grow but i feel like by the time the obgyn diagnose me ill be terminal. I already see myself dying im so scared and idk what to do.