Not diagnosed but very worried

Im sorry if it offends someone that im here. I am a 21 year old woman with two kids (2 & 6 months). I check my cervix regularly to track fertility and my cycle in general. About 3 weeks ago I found one pea sized lump. I called my doctor and they are not taking me seriously. They don't have any openings until. Late december. Well now ive got two lumps and a hard patch on my cervix. A lot of times when I check my CM its blood tinged. I know I obviously haven't been diagnosed with CC but I am very paranoid. I haven't had any new sex partners and im just scratching my head about what else this could be. I have a few questions. -Did any one discover their cancer during a self check? -wouldn't there of been something on my cervix 6 months ago when k I delivered my daughter? -isn't 21 too young?!

Hi KK,

First of all I'd say it's very unlikely to be CC when you're so young. Where are you based? Six weeks seems a long time to wait for an appointment. However, most cervical cancers are very slow growing so a few weeks wait is unlikely to impact on your health, though it's a long time to be so worried.

I realize this is a UK forum but Im in the states ❤

Lumps don't necessarily mean cancer. I wish you luck!