Not diagnosed but a question about results

I have a question to ask if anyone can help.

I've been told I'll get a letter with my Colposcopy results in 3/4 weeks, if it's all clear then I expect that can be in a letter but surely they don't tell you in a letter that you have cancer.

So i guess my question is were you called or wrote to and then invited back in before being told?



i was told when i had one done that i pretty much had cancer but then made another appointment to see her 10 days later where she confirmed it was cervical cancer. She then wrote all the information down in a letter which i received through the post..


dont know if this helps in any way but maybe you could call and find out instead of it being on your mind?


good luck with your results and we are all here to advise you further.




I received a clinic appointment along with a letter saying that the colposcopy should abnormality and that it may require further treatment, I went along to the clinic appointment and was told there


good luck and hope its good news for you (fingers crossed)




About 4 weeks following Lletz I had a phone call on a Fri pm asking me to urgently attend clinic on Mon am.  I was told at the clinic. I worried about it all weekend, but it was still a shock when I was told!

Good luck, hope you get good news.

Best wishes

Kirsty x

Me too - I was told I'd get my results in a letter but was then called and asked to come in x

I was called to go in too and given my diagnosis from the doctor and with a McMillian nurse present for support. I hope you dont get the call. If you do, make sure you take a friend or family member with you. Send you lots of positive vibes. Good luck x