Not cancer?

Hi there my name is Jessie I'm from Cali and I'm 34 years old. I recently had under went a leep biopsy and which it did not clear away all the bad cells. So as I went and saw my Dr yesterday to go over treatment options he said that it would be better left with an oncologist to go over those with me but most likely a hysterectomy may be something i should consider. I'm just a bit confused tho, if it's not cancer is it standard protocol to treat it as if it is cancer? I just have mixed emotions and worries of course and would like so find some comfort in finding someone to talk to that has had a similar situation happen for them. I'm glad to find this site cause I've been trying to do my research on what to expect from here and came across this lovely site. Thank you for listening. 

Hi, Have you completed your family? I'm not sure about Americal protocols for treatment but they might feel that a hysterecomy will be more efficient than risking another LEEP. Did they actually tell you what your LEEP showed?