not allowed HRT

Hey ladies. Does anyone know what qualifies some post cc treatment patients to have HRT when others are not allowed it? Is it cancer cell type related? Stage related? I was only told that I couldn’t because the hormones fuel the cancer. Not even allowed plant-hormone natural remedies :-\

Hi :-)

I wasn't allowed HRT either, don't know if that has anything to do with adenocarcinoma or if there is some more specific cancer definition that I don't know about. How old are you?

If it's any comfort at all, I have heard from women who have had HRT that coming off it is worse than a natural menopause anyway, so in a way HRT is just postponing the inevitable. A few years down the line and I hardly notice menopause symptoms any more.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli. I'm 37 so not far off menopause I guess.


I've recently been prescribed hrt after being treated for a stage 2b, I'm 30 x


I have cervical spindle cell sarcoma and believe they had to check with Marsden in London before offering me HRT as some unusual gynae sarcomas are fueled by estrogen.  Mine was stage 1b1.  I wonder if it is same with some types of carcinoma Like yours?

I'm 29 now and although I've not been told anything about hrt and that I've had loads of discussions with my nan about it. She had hrt and she said it was the worst thing ever for her and she felt better when she stopped it and she hasn't had cc....

Apparently the hot flushes etc became worse and her memory was all over the place....

I don't know if it affects people diffrently?