not allowed anymore lletz loop?

Hi Ladies,

Sadly i am back again. SO here is my main issue: the hospital have said this is my last lletz loop. This time i am going under as they are not comfortable doing it while i am awake due to the lack of cervix to play with.

Brief background: CIN 3 at 17 years old. CIN 2,3 on and off and still going at 28 years old. I've had 1 laparoscopy (excuse spelling) and 3 Lletz loop procedures. i am also HPV positive

Now they are talking hysterectomy and i am not game with this. it seems extreme and bloody scary to be honest. Its been a tough journey of waiting and results, tests and then starting the same loop again, i am so tired. I have not finished or completed my family and my partner and i had hoped for a child together.

Has anyone else been told no more lletz loop? are there other options other than leaving me empty?

Any advice would be great. I am going out my mind with what this years holds for me and my family. 


I am in the same position, I only had my first smear 14 months ago and in that time I have had 3 LLETZ and 2 biopsies. A consultation last week showed that I still have CIN2/3 cells and this means that a cone would normally be done however, there is too much scar tissue. I'm 28 with no children so I am about to start egg harvesting before a radical hysterectomy which is planned end of Feb. 

My knowledge from chatting to nurses, this site and a vague medical background is that this is pretty standard, unfortunately once the scar tissue out-weighs healthy tissue there isnt much more than can be done. 

Hope this helps, its a very routine operation these days, so whilst it seems huge and its unfortunate at a young age, personally I'm keen to do whatever is necessary to keep myself healthy. Take plenty of time to think it over but try to look at the positives and I'm sure you'll find they out-weigh the negatives.


Hi guys, im  a similar boat and was looking for advice. I have never had a clear smear.. cin2 twice both With high risk HPV. I now have just had my 6 month follow up after my second LLETZ treatment and it has come back with cell change and needing a coloposcopy. Just concerned what the process will be now as just turned 30 and have no children but really want them. How many LLETZ can you have before they go to hysterectomy?! 


Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated as quite upset and worried at the moment! Xx


Your situation sounds similar to mine, althought I had a few all clears thrown in between treatments for good measure. 

I had 3 lletz treatments before being told that they were unable to do anymore, I'm now 31 with no children and scheduled for my hysterectomy on Feb 14th. There are on occasion some other options, like trachelectomy, but it just depends on your particular case, that wasn't an option for me unfortunately. Thankfully, my ovaries will remain, so once I have recovery out of the way, I can look at the process of freezing eggs, incase they begin to fail (theres a 50% chance of it within 5 years of surgery). 

Good luck, hopefully it won't come to any of this for you. 

S x

Hi all,

I too had various Lletz procedures followed by two cone biopsies before a hysterectomy almost two years ago. I was grateful on one hand for the delayed big operation as it gave me time to get my head around it all but sometimes wish i had had it sooner.

For me it was an easier decision though because of my age and no desire to have children as I was only just in a new relationship. Either way it's a tough call and you have to try and weigh up the risk...mine was very high.

I would maybe ask about the cone biopsy so you can better understand why this may or may not be an option and also talk to them about your desire to have children. I was asked if I wanted to delay it for that reason so again worth talking all options through.

Good luck with you decision x