Not all clear :(

Hi all I have just had my 3 month scans for stage 2b and its still showing activity..

they are pretty sure it's not radiation so are sending me for a biopsy to confirm and then surgery 

i was wondering if anyone had had the same result and how surgery went? I have not asked many questions but would like to chat to someone! 


Its gutting to go through all the treatment and then be told its not gone! But still positive it will gone gone soon! x

Hi, yes exactly the same happened to me and the biopsy came back all clear, just scar tissue.


I had the same experience as sistersu.  These scans (mine was a PET) are all very well and good, but everything that looks "odd" is not necessarily cancer.  Because I had horrid symptoms as well (see my autumn/winter 2010 posts) they were convinced it was recurrent/residual disease.

When I did finally agree to the biopsies - they found it was a sort of fibrosis, caused by the rads.

Hope all goes well for you.

Big Hugs


i had this experience too and had biopsies under aneasthetic, it was radiation damage

Hi there,

So sorry that you have had this worrying time, I was wondering if you had had results from your biopsy yet and really hope that you have had some good news.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you



Hey all… thanks so much for your replies I am hoping for the same great results!

I just heard from the doc and the biopsy has come back inconclusive… so they are having a meeting next week and they assume they will decide to just rrescan in 3 months… obviously scared and worried but trying to get on with it…