North London 'Let's Meet'

Hi all

I’m organising a get together for all the girlies (and guys) in North London on friday 27th November at 7pm. It’s really just a good excuse for a night out and it would be great to see as many of you there as poss. it’s totally informal, just a chance to get together over a glass or two of wine and have a good old chat. Absolutely everyone is welcome, doesn’t matter where you live, most of us don’t know each other so don’t feel like you’ll be on your own, just come along and get to know some new faces and hopefully have a laugh with it.

SO the venue is the The White Swan Weatherspoons pub in Islington, which is literally just round the corner from Highbury and Islington tube station (out of the station, turn right and it’s next to MacDonalds). The victoria line runs to this station and there is also a main line train service.

Let me know if you’d like to come, it’d be lovely to get a group of us together.

hope to see you soon. love jenny xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Jenny

North London meet sounds a fab idea to me…count me in!!


Hi there,
thats not far from me, I’m up for this so count me in and i’ll see you on 27th at 7pm
xx Fi

really glad you’re both coming, any other ladies (or men) out there who want to join us please do come along, will be really lovely to meet you

jen xxx

Jenny, I’m going to try and come - I’ll be just back from hols but will let you know for sure that week.

Z x

Hi ya,
I’m in Islington so sounds good to me, count me in.

Sarah xxx

brilliant. Sarah really glad you can come, Zoe hopefully see you but will speak nearer the time xxx

id like to come. x

that’s great, would be lovely to meet you, definitely come along, lots of us don’t know each other so we’ll all be meeting new faces for the first time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all, i’ll PM you all nearer the time with my phone number, don’t know if you can reserve tables in the weatherspoons but last time i was in there it wasn’t too busy so i will get there a bit early and nab us a table then if people want to order food we can do that. I probably will cos won’t have had much time to eat xxxx

sounds great and can’t wait to meet some people face to face who know how i feel and will no the words ‘it will be fine’ are not of much comfort. still all a bit of a shock to me and the more i read the more i realise how different each situation is. i start a new job on monday, which has been difficult as i had to put on my new medical insruance form about my results and i keep sporadically bursting into tears at work, at lunch, on the bus and during various episodes of trash tv i’ve been watching (read Poirot reruns and how i met your mother) to avoid the revision im supposed to be doing, for the exams the week after my col. Obviously revision is not going too well! Look forward to seeing you all. x

Hi Jenny,

I’d love to come, sorry I havent’ been around Jo’s for a while, but it would be great to meet you and a few other girlies.

Can you p/m me nearer to the time so I can confirm with you for definate?


course i will, be great if you can make it and lovely to meet you.

If there’s anyone else who wants to join us just let me know, or turn up on the evening. really looking forward to it. i’ll give the pub a ring and see if i can reserve a table. will send you all specifics next week

jen xxxxx

Hi ladies

Just to say we’re still on for friday, 7pm at the White Swan Weatherspoons pub in Islington. I was planning on eating, is anyone else doing the same, if not i’ll grab something before I come.

really looking forward to it. I’ll send you all a PM tomorrow with my mobile number and exact directions to the pub (its literally round the corner from Highbury and Islington tube station

can’t wait to see you all

jenny xxxxxxxx

hiya luv,
lookin forward to Friday night, will be there about 8ish and will have already eaten, see you all then xx Fi

I’m not going to make it I’m afraid - have a v early client on Saturday morning and am still jet lagged.

Next time tho!

Z x

totally understand hun, hopefully see you soon.

did you have a good break? xxxx

Brilliant - was fantastic!

Z x

excellent, really glad to hear it xxxx