Hi, so i had LLETZ and biopsies done under spinal anaesthetic on 29th November (8days ago) luckily I had no pain afterwards, just a few little twinges and minimal bleeding, didnt need to take any pain relief. However, last night I bled quite heavily and was awake most of the night with awful cramps and my lower ba k is vwry achy today. I dont think its infection, as was discharged with a weeks worth of co-amoxiclav which i finished yesterday. Is it normal to have increased pain and bleeding this long after. Im not due on my period until 15th and I havent got the results feom the biopsies yet. Thanks


I think it is quite normal to have bleeding around 10 days in - it’s a good thing and a sign that the scab is healing. The Jo’s trust page on what to expect after lletz covers this and will hopefully put your mind at rest :blush:

Jo’s page on Lletz - ‘About 10 days after treatment, the bleeding may get heavier. This is common and a sign that the scab is healing.’

I had mine around the same time as you. Hope you’re recovering ok other than this! X

Hi @mrsn88

Bleeding can be normal at this stage its a common sign the scab is healing well, your first period aftee treatment can also be out of sync with your regular cycle so it could be that youve just started your period early… the bleeding can also be heavier than your normal flow, just aslong as you arnt soaking a pad an hour its not considered too heavy

With the cramping, are you doubled over or is it manageable? Cramping is normal too and can vary by the person but it shouldnt be too severe… have you noticed a foul/rotten smell along with the bleeding/discharge or has it changed colour? Mainly green and/or yellow… severe cramping, foul discharge and a change in colour generally indicate an infection, without those everything is a normal part of the healing process xx

Thank You so much, yes all good otherwise. Have you had your results yet? xx

Thank You, its just like really bad period cramps, I was doubled with them last night but theyre a lot better today. I havent noticed an odour or any clots just heavy bleeding but definitely not using a pad in an hour, so hopefully all good. Thank You x

Keep an eye on if anything changes, but it does sound like everything is going well so far :slight_smile: xx

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Heyy, ah no my results have to go to a MDT meeting so I think it’ll be January before I hear. This is my 2nd Lletz in 8 weeks so I have a slightly better idea about what to expect this time though. X

oh you poor thong, hope everything goes well for you x