Normal waiting time??

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing ok?? Just a quick question really I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b1 to be told now its 1b2 on the 4th June 2014 and I'm not starting my treatment until the 7th July 2014 is that time frame a normal amount of time? 4 weeks seems along time to me from diagnosis to actually starting treatment. It was all moving quick at 1st had my MRI scan the day I was diagnosed and the results 2 days later. Not moaning about it just a bit worried keep thinking maybe this Beast in my body will move out the cervix and go elsewhere. Probably sound dramatic right now don't I! Maybe am just having another moment!! Sorry for the moan pan off to work now hope you all enjoy your Saturday xx

Hi Dominique,

I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 round about the end of Nov last year, they found out about mine when they did my hysterectomy, smears hadn't detected mine, i had MRI scan on the 17th Dec, then i had another operation of the 8th Jan, they offered me chemo/radiotherapy or operation, i opted for the operation, in total from one operation to the next it was 7 weeks, i'm sure they have a certain time of something like 31 days to get you seen after diagnosis, so the 4 weeks sounds about right, like you i was worried that it had went out of my cervix, even now after a second operation and being told margins and lymph nodes were clear, i still can't help thinking what if, they're was a very small margin for me but they said it was clear xx

Thanks mandy 1969 for replying. It's all just 1 big worry isn't x

hi all...I have regular checks at colposcopy..I had mild dis months ago and it was clear. .I had colposcopy in may 2014 and a smear...I was called back called back couple weeks later to say I have high grade cervical smsmear.squamocolumnar junction. .rim of dense aceto white..I am going for loop excision under g/a fri 23rd worried as I start new job on 7th july..can anyone assure me its nothing to worry about plz..cant have time off a new job 


thanku x

Hi June i haven't had any experiences with what you our going through hun my smear was clear my cc was discovered because of a burst blood vessel. But am sure a lady who's experienced similar to you will reply soon enough. You might be best asking your question on the colposcopy forum or smear test might be more on there who can help. Sorry Am not much use! But hope everything goes ok for you Hunni xx

Hi Dominique86

It is one big worry, let me know how you get on hun xx

Hi Dominique

For me the formal diagnosis was on 24th Dec after the first MRI, and I was given the biopsy results on 16th Dec.  I then had ct scan, planing meeting with the oncologist,  and the tatoos !  My actual treatment started on Jan 13th..... all in all 4 weeks from biopsy result to treatment starting.

Theres a lot of planning involved by the oncologist to get the dosage right for you.  

It is a scary time, but remember things are happening to get rid of your cc....

Good luck

Hi Dominique

My Professor told me during my diagnosis, that typically he normally "sits back and allows a patient 4-6 weeks to psychologically come to terms with diagnosis and the treatment plan". For me (stage 4B), he gave me only hours (but had been mentally prepping me for about a week). 

Personally, I think that the wait time can be distressing, but I can assure you that rushing in without having processed it in your own mind is far from easy. I was still catching up with my diagnosis and so hugely overwhelmed, and yet I was already dealing with chemo. Time can feel against us, but I believe once you get to hindsight, you'll see that 4 weeks was ok. 

I am sure that you will be fine during the 4 week wait, and that once treatment starts you will be well looked after. 

Good luck. 

Love, hugs and strength to you



Thank you ladies for replying to me I appreciate it lots. sending you all lots of love and hugs xx