Normal smear

hi guys


just interested to know if anyone had a normal smear before it went to cin 3 or worse cc. 


Thanks everyone xxx

hiya mine went from borderline to normal, then borderline the normal then to cin1 now waiting for results from lletz to see if it's cin 2 or 3. Hope that helps 

How long apart were the changes ? C

Mine went from normal to CIN3 in 3 years xx

did your last smear pick it up.


mine was 2007- mild changes

2008 normal

2009 normal

2010 normal

2013 normal

then having symptoms so booked colposcopy. Awaiting results. Do you think there could be a chance it will come back cc? I'm so worried 

Sorry it's taken so long to reply, my results were all from yearly smear tests, then the cin1 was confirmed after a biopsy last year and I was told to wait another year to see what happens. I was also very confused how they kept going back to normal but was told this is very common.