Normal smear then biopsys...confused

Hi everyone. I'm a newbie. I had an abnormal result 7 years ago and had LLETZ treatment and have been clear ever since....well until my smear in February. I got a normal smear result but positive for HPV (my first hpv test) so I was sent to colposcoy.  Waited 8 weeks for my appointment so figured it wasn't urgent as they were not rushing to see me. Got into colposcoy and she explained the new hpv screening to me......anyway upon inspection I have a large suspect area...I had biopsys and she's explained if I need treatment it will be under general anesthetic as the area is so large......I am confused as to why my smear result was normal if I have a large suspect area??? Has anyone else experienced this? 


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I'm the same as you. Before my last LLETZ my smears were only "borderline"... then clear smears until they started testing for hpv.. which cam back positive two years ago. they identified an area of CIN 1... refferred back to normal smears... last year had a clear smear (no hpv test). This year Feb clear smear agian but hpv can back positive - colposcopy next Tuesday.


I think some of us just don't have many abnormal cells on the surface.. or they don't "look" that abnormal under the microscope. I really don think the hpv testing could really help people like us. I was going to pay privately for hpv testing anyway if they just did a regular smear anyway... as I totally don't trust the regular smears without hpv test.


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Hi space, thankyou for your reply.....its such a complex area and I'm learning more and more everyday about it. I didn't even know what hpv testing was until I went for my smear in March. I've no idea what to expect from my results. The woman said the lighter area was really large..... I still don't understand how I could have a clear smear but under colposcoy I have a large suspect area!!??? It will be the longest 6 weeks waiting for whatever is next  if anything. I find the waiting the worst. I water 7 weeks from smear to colposcoy. I'm not a patient person on a good day never mind with this :-/ 

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Could possibly mean the cells are further up inside your endocervical canal. My smear came back as only borderline changes and a high risk strain of hpv. But during my colposcopy the Colposcopist had said she had seen a large cluster of cells higher up within my cervical canal, and that I would also like yourself need an operation under ga to have them removed.

Im not sure if during a smear test they will test that far up, as my Colposcopist was under the impression she could remove the bordeline cells the same day until she had a closer look and found more changes so then decided better under ga. Unfortunately for me my biopsy came back as normal (which is brill) but the colposcopist was adamant she had seen high grade precancerous cells, so now my results are being discussed at a multi disciplinary meeting which could take up to 8 weeks for any answers and what they decide to do with me if anything :-/

Hope the wait isn't too long and you get your results soon :-) x  



Hi there, 

I am in a similar situation to you, I had a smear & HPV test in March.  The smear was normal with no abnormal cells seens but the HPV test was positive for 2 High ricks types so the recommendation was straight to a colp.  HPV testing is something they do now to women over 30 on the NHS but I paid privately for mine as I am not due a smear until 2016.  Anyway, when I went for my colp the procedure was fine and over quickly, I experienced very slightly cramping the consultant put on the solutions (they do this to look for the abnormal areas) but it was all over quickly.  He told me the changes he could see were from the HPV and sometimes when a biospy is taken it can kick start the immune system to clear the virus.  The biopsy results yesterday and I have minor changes indicating CIN1 and to see him again for a colp and smear in 6 months. 

I am also confused why a smear didnt pick this up but I guess the changes are so minor that they werent seen until closer inspection.  I now plan to try and relax and not worry too much until my next appointment and stay as healthy as possible as if you can shake off the HPV virus thats a good thing.

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Thankyou for your replies ladies xxx


The nurse did say when I was having my smear that my cervix isn't in the normal position and it's quite high up and slanted so maybe that's why the smear came back normal....


The biopsys made me bleed for 8 days and the cramping was quite bad... now it's just waiting for the results and see what's next


I do find it rediculous how long you have to wait for everything and I'm sorry Mel that's not very reassuring for you :-/ I think if it were me I would be asking for a second opinion if they decide not to act


Hope you are all well xxx

Thank you :-) 

The wait really has been horrendous, although a few weeks in I had to just stop worrying and get on. I finally received my reasults monday so thats 6 weeks after saying they would discuss my case, apparently my case just missed the april meeting so they held mine in may (last wedsnesday) pleased to say I am going back in for a repeat smear and colposcopy and have never been so happy about it :-) 

Just another 5 weeks to wait but there is some light. Just need these results to collate thiea time round, im hoping that if they know it could possibly be cgin then they will look more into that :-) 

Hope all is well with you xx